What Can a Letter Do?

This post will be a little different than my usual posts.

While writing a post one day it dawned on me how much words can inspire someone. How they can bring hope during dark times in someone’s life. I then decided to rent a P.O. Box for collecting letters to distribute to group homes, hospitals, shelters, women and children centers, etc. I know a letter will not make everything magically better like it did in Harry Potter, but it can still plant a tiny seed of hope and realization that someone somewhere is rooting for those in dark times to overcome their struggles.

Think of a time where you felt lost and hopeless, what if someone took a small portion of their time to write you a letter to hold on, that brighter days are coming? Would it have made it a little better knowing there are good people out in the world? Maybe, maybe not, but it is still a nice thought that someone was thinking of you during a time of struggle, even if they did not know you personally.

Honestly, this can go one or two ways. They could treasure the letter forever or they will roll their eyes and throw it away. However, if they do roll their eyes and throw it away, you still planted that tiny seed of hope.

A lot of people go through hardships that make it feel impossible to trust words of encouragement. However, later in life most of them reflect on the people who took the time to be there and help them and become grateful, often finding a way to pay it forward. So, while they might be ungrateful at first, many become grateful in time.

This is where the idea to gather letters for those who are going through a hard time living in shelters came to be. So, what can a letter do? It can bring a spark of hope and realization that things can get better for someone who is struggling.

PO Box Information

If you would like to write a letter of encouragement to those who are in need of a little pick me up, you can send your letter to:

Crystal J Grasso

PO Box 2400

Valparaiso, IN 46384

Do not forget to include the #2400, due to it being the number of the PO Box. Without #2400 the letter might not reach its destination.

Important Information

Due to strict rules of confidentiality, the letters will be sent anonymously. We must follow a set of guidelines to be able to give out the letters. This is to ensure the safety of you and the person you are writing a letter to. As well as following the rules of the places we will be delivering the letters.


  • You can not include your physical address, phone number, email, social media account, or any type of information regarding contact
  • Absolutely under no circumstances should you be hateful, discouraging, belittling, or anything of that nature, in the letter
  • No sharp items should be included
  • No drug-related items
  • No threats
  • No pornographic photos
  • No pictures of yourself, family, others, etc
  • Letters must be opened before giving them out. This is to ensure there is no hateful messages, illegal substances or items, etc.
  • You can include your name but limit major details
  • Be encouraging and uplifting

Another Option

If you would like to donate a dollar for the option of buying a card to give out instead of handwriting a letter, you can choose to buy a card down below and Maybe Crazy Help will write an encouraging message on the inside of the card. Or you can send your own personalized message for us to write. Additionally, there are options to buy 1, 5, or 10 cards. You also have the option to choose where you would like your card to go.

Our mission is to collect as many cards, letters, drawings, etc, before Christmas. Christmas is normally a beautiful time for many, however, this holiday can also be painful to those who are spending it in a hospital, shelter, women and children centers, group homes, etc. We want to spread light, love, and encouragement to those who are experiencing hard times, especially during holidays.

However, if you would like us to hand out the letter sooner let us know in the comment box, and we will deliver them as soon as we are able. Furthermore, we will be posting pictures of some of the collected cards and letters to ensure you we are doing what we promise. If you do not want your card to be shown, please let us know in the comment box provided and we will exclude your card or letter from the photos.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you decide to send a letter or card to someone living in a shelter it is greatly appreciated. If you are wanting your card or letter to go to a specific place, be sure to use the comment box and write where you want your letter to go to. Places include:

  • Group Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Half-way Homes
  • Women and Children Centers
  • Veteran Centers

Some of you might have experiences with some of these places and prefer to write to that specific place. Maybe Crazy Help will sort out all letters and deliver them to the destined place of your choice. If you do not choose a place, that is okay. We will hand your letter or card out to someone at one of these places.

If you would like to include your own personal message to be written in a card, use the comment box below and write out a message of your own, we will hand write your message in a card. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can let us know in the comment box below as well. We promise to get back to you as soon as we’re able. Thank you once more.

Update: Check out the newest post on the letter and card drive to see how many card’s we’ve collected so far! Update for the Card and Letter Drive on Maybe Crazy Help

brown envelope with thank you printed card

Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Pexels.com


16 Comments on “What Can a Letter Do?

  1. This is a beautiful idea. I have always wanted to have a pen pal and now I do except we haven’t yet exchanged letters (lol). But I never thought to write those who are struggling. I loved it when I received mail when I was in an inpatient recovery facility so I know that those who receive would be so surprised. May we request that our card be given out before Christmas? Just an average day and for no reason other than to lift someone’s spirits? I understand this may not be possible and that is a-ok! You have planted the seed for me to do within my community. I frequent the woman’s shelter dropping donations so next time I will be sure to take a card. I’m in!! I will send mine out soon 🙂 Thanks for doing such a kind, simple yet thoughtful deed.

    • I would be more than happy to hand letters out before Christmas. It’s always a sweet surprise for someone when they are going through a hard time. Growing up in and out of hospitals I noticed a lot of people did not have someone to come visit them, it was heartbreaking. I truly believe if people took a small amount of time to lift someone’s spirits it will help both them and the person who receives the letter. We need more compassion and care in the world. Heartfelt letters are something someone can cherish and pull out when they have a rough day. It might not make the situation at hand better, but it can help with the emotional state and provide hope, inspiration, and a new desire to keep on. Providing donations is another beautiful way to help those in need, I think it’s awesome you donate to the woman’s shelter. When there are more people helping in the community to lift one another up, more and more positive things start to happen. I want to be a ripple of inspiration, so to speak. This world can be dark and ugly, but it can also be beautiful and full of light.

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  7. hmm… that’s what I can expect from a creative graphic designer’s mind 🙂 wonderful ideas!

    • I just want to help spark hope back into people’s lives, those who may be struggling on the streets and in shelters. Anyone can change their situation, sometimes all we need is a little reminder and an understanding heart. We are all trying to find our place in this world, I want those who feel as if they don’t belong understand they do. You never know who you could be helping. The person you help could be someone who finds a cure to an incurable disease in the future. Furthermore, you never know whose life you could be saving just by having a kind heart. A letter can be pulled out on rough days and read to help ease the hurt. I know it’s not going to fix the situation at hand, but it can provide hope and motivation to better the situation. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  8. I understand exactly what you mean. For 13 years I have written to inmates at prisons but most of it went to one person and we exchanged over 800 letters. He seldom got a letter from anyone else. He was recently paroled. I have been writing a book and music for the book – Inside the Forbidden Outside. There is some info about it at the blog you went to, but it is my other blog that is written just for him. mynameisjamie.net. If love to have you come and see proof of what letters can do. Without letters I doubt he would have been the same man who walked out those words 3 weeks ago

    • Thank you so much, I am definitely going to check out your blog. Letters have such a powerful impact, even though they are small. A letter can be pulled out during a rough day and be a simple reminder to breathe, to keep going, that this too shall pass. You 100% changed his life by writing him, you are such an amazing kind soul <3 Thank you so much for visiting this site and commenting.

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