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Weightloss, Motivation, and More: You Can Achieve Anything!

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Being overweight often causes depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and can make you want to lock yourself in the house all day, canceling plans because you can’t find a decent outfit to wear while going out with friends. It’s a miserable experience. However, it doesn’t matter how many times as you tell yourself, “tomorrow I will start this diet or exercise program”, you find yourself never going through with it. Sadly, this is where many people become stuck in a cycle of depression and regret. Which often leads to overeating on the couch while binge-watching your favorite show. I understand and know this feeling all too well. I used to do it for years. However, what if I told you that you could break the cycle, lose weight, and get out of depression from being overweight? You can! However, there will be sacrifices, there will be days where you don’t do so well, and it will be hard in the beginning. That’s where motivation and determination come in. Once you have the motivation, will power, and start working towards a healthier version of yourself, you start feeling better, depression reduces, and you become proud of every step you take towards bettering yourself. The hardest part is starting and not giving up. Though I’m here to say, you can do anything you put your mind to.

So, stop waiting for tomorrow, get started today, even if it’s a small goal of 5 sit-ups, throwing out unhealthy food or cutting back portions. You are the one in control. Stop letting your emotions get the best of you. With that being said, keep reading below for advice on how to gain and keep motivation, what to do on the days you feel as if you failed, and some of the things you can do to get physically healthy for your mental wellbeing. Additionally, there will be links to some of the things I personally use to feel my best, lose weight, and how I stay motivated when it feels like the world is against me.

*The links are affiliate links. I do make a small commission if you buy a product, I sometimes use affiliate links to make extra income, so I’m able to keep writing and following my passion. You don’t have to click the links provided nor buy any product, however, if you do, it is very appreciated. So, thank you in advance if you decided to use one of my links to buy a product. I do my best to make sure the links are safe, reliable, and are from trusted sources.

 Gaining Motivation

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Have you ever had a burning desire to start something, but had absolutely no motivation to actually start whatever it may be? Weight loss, a sport, learning something new, etc. If so, it’s okay. Starting new things can become overwhelming at times. Especially, with countless resources, both biased and unbiased. It can be confusing on where to start and what to do after you start, sometimes it feels better to not try, or you start researching and become stuck. Many people often watch and read about success stories repeatedly, wishing they too could become a success story. However, they never really start on their personal goals. Well, I’m here to say, YOU can become one of those success stories! All it takes is one step followed by another and not giving up, even when you stumble. There will be days where you feel as if you’ve failed, however, that’s when you get back up and keep trying. Don’t let one day turn into weeks, months, or years of not perusing your goals. Whether it’s for weight loss or something different, you’re the one in control.

You may be sitting there thinking, yes, I know these things, now how do I gain the motivation to start on these goals? Simple. You just start, even if you don’t want to. Start anywhere you want to, this is your journey. Your success, failures, and goals are your own. Prepare for the days when you didn’t meet your goals and get back up and try again. Your failed attempts will shape and mold you. Additionally, you will gain experience you can share with others so they can learn from your personal mistakes.

Somewhere in your mind, you may be afraid to start. Whether it’s because you fear failure, change, or you’re unsure of the outcome. Try to take a few moments to clear your mind and ask yourself why and write down the things you come up with. Then take a moment and list the excuses you tell yourself of why you can’t or haven’t started perusing your goals. Many people, myself included, use the excuse, I don’t have any time. However, they scroll through social media for hours at a time or play games. Now, imagine taking 20-30 minutes out of your social media, gaming, tv time, etc. to work towards your goals. You still have time to do both. Additionally, you can work on goals during work breaks, during the time between classes, even when going to the bathroom. Personally, I do 10-20 squats every time I go to the bathroom, so I’m able to get some type of exercise throughout the day. My point is if there is a will,  there is a way. Stop coming up with excuses that are preventing you from becoming one of those success stories you’re always watching and reading about.

Keeping motivation after you’ve started can be challenging at times, so I am providing a list of things you can do to reboot your mind, so you can continue working on your goals.

  • Take a relaxing bath with candles, scented oils, bath salts, while playing relaxing music
  • Have a cheat day or two planned out, but don’t overdo it
  • Make time to read or watch inspirational stories
  • Keep a journal of how far you’ve come
  • Remember to be patient, it takes time to change
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake, learn how to get back up and keep trying
  • Get creative, having a creative outlet like writing and drawing, can help you reduce stress
  • Have a supportive friend to encourage you when you feel like giving up

Failed Days; They’re Okay!

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As much as I dislike saying this, I must. There will be days you fail to meet your personal expectations and sometimes you’re going to want to give up. It’s okay,  it’s natural, these feelings don’t make you a failure nor do they take away the progress you’ve already achieved. The only way you fail is if you decided to give up. This is where determination, will power, and understanding comes in. On these days, it’s important to remember to keep going. As mentioned above, you don’t want one day of not meeting your goals turn into weeks, months, or years. This is where you break the cycle of starting and stopping. Your failed days are going to make you stronger mentally. Learning to be self-disciplined is crucial when achieving goals. Think of yourself as a rock becoming a diamond. Through hard work, determination, and not giving up, you’re in the process of becoming a diamond. Diamonds are made by time and an enormous amount of pressure. They’re not only beautiful after the process is complete, but they’re also hard to break. You are in the process of becoming an unbreakable diamond, don’t give up in the middle of your transformation!

Here are a few ways to jump back in when you feel as if you failed

  • Journal all your feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, write down a plan for when things don’t go as planned. Writing down a plan is more effective than keeping it in your head.
  • Make an upbeat playlist and listen to it when you feel as if you failed to meet expectations. I will include a list of motivational songs at the bottom of this page in a downloadable format, to put you back into the groove of accomplishing your goals.
  • Try not to snack away your feelings, this can make you feel even worse.
  • Do something productive, sometimes doing something productive counter reacts to the negative feelings of not meeting a goal. You’ll be able to say I didn’t meet my goal, but I was able to get__________ done. It always brightens my mood up a little when I’ve gotten something done, that I put off.
  • Learn how to accept failed days as a part of your journey.

Even celebrities have moments where they feel as if all hope is lost and may think about giving up. However, most of them push through and become better than they already were, inspiring thousands in the process.

My Personal Journey with Weight Loss: The Shortened Version

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Tears filled my eyes after stepping on the bathroom scale. Seeing the numbers 253 made me feel like an elephant, but less cute. My son had just turned one and seeing the birthday photos made me realize how much weight I had packed on. Stepping on the scale and seeing how much I gained hurt, but it gave me the determination to start my journey. Immediately, I made my mind up. I was going to lose all the extra weight so I could be healthy for my son. The next day I removed all snack foods and started reducing my soda intake (I was drinking a 12 pack in two days or less). I won’t lie, it was hard at first and I craved soda, chips, and sweets. I had constant headaches that made me irritable, but I pushed on, telling myself it would all be worth it. After two weeks of letting my body adjust to all the changes, I started an exercise challenge, using the app 30 days. Within the first month, I lost 10 pounds and became more motivated than I was prior. I switched my daily soda to sparkling water, started the Keto diet, and started drinking a gallon of water every day. By doing all this, I lost 40 pounds in 4 months and I’m still losing weight.

I also invested in protein shakes, a stomach wrap that promotes sweat, thigh wraps, water reduction pills, and night time weight loss medication that also helps with sleeping. I will provide my personal reviews and the links below.

The picture on the left is when I weighed my heaviest at 250+ pounds, the right picture is after I lost 40 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. If I can do it, you can too! What are you waiting for? Get up, get active, and become one of those success stories you admire.

Links and Reviews

As promised, here are the links to the products I’ve personally bought, along with a short review. (Just click on the highlighted words if you’re interested in buying something, the links will redirect you to Amazon, as well as keep this page open)

FitMiss Delight

Personally, I loved the taste and was able to use water instead of milk. However, it was hard to mix with a spoon, so I bought a mixing cup with a spring ball, which helped to mix the powder a lot easier.

The Helpful Blender Bottle


This is one of my favorite purchases I’ve bought for my weight loss journey. It’s easy to clean, mixes powder better than most things out in the market, and is price friendly! I use mine daily and have not had a problem, it’s a great buy!

Drinking a gallon of water every day is easy with the QuiFit Gallon Water Bottle


I love, love, love this water bottle. It was a much-needed upgrade from the milk jug I was using. However, it’s not as cheap as some of the other gallon water bottles. If you are worried about the price, here is a cheaper version of this water bottle. Though, I don’t know how well it works, always remember to read reviews before buying anything online.

Sweet Sweat Stomach Wraps and Thigh Wraps

Both of these products have helped me sweat off inches and lose weight. My body retains water often and both of these help me sweat out the access water while working out. They are a little pricy, but it’s worth it. You’re investing in yourself!

Hot Gel 


Thermoactive Hot Gel helps you produce more sweat, helping you lose weight faster. It works wonders when exercising, and it smells awesome!

Slim Fast Meal Replacement Shakes

I personally get a big can and two smaller cans when buying Slim Fast. I also switch back and forth between products, so my body doesn’t become adjusted to one product and stop working. I just started drinking Slim Fast at the beginning of the month of March, so I don’t know how well it’s going to work. The taste is amazing and it does keep me full for about 4-5 hours.

Lean PM Nightime Weight loss and Sleep Aid

This product helped me lose 11 pounds in a week! I was able to sleep better and lose weight in the process. However, you have to remember, everybody’s bodies react differently, so be cautious when taking supplements. 

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Remember, you don’t need any of these products or a gym to start your journey. It’s up to you to take control of your life and put forth an effort to change. It’s hard, it’s time-consuming, and most of the time it’s not fun. However, with enough determination and motivation, you can do anything you set your mind to. You are a success story waiting to happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, it is greatly appreciated.


A mother, a friend, a writer following her dreams to inspire the world.

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