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Hello guys! I just wanted to do a quick update on the letter and card drive we are doing in time for Christmas. We have been able to collect 109 cards so far! We have yet to receive letters, though I am sure they are on their way. I am so happy to be able to do this and share this awesome update. (Excuse my bed in the photo, I have been working nonstop for the past 3 days).

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!! We are up to 259 cards collected and I have found a place that sells 150 cards for only 8 dollars a box! How cool is that?? Now we are able to expand our card drive even more.

8 people donating a dollar would be 150, 16 people donating would be 300 cards, 24 people donating a dollar would be 450 cards, 32 people donating a dollar would be 600 cards!!! 600 smiling hearts for a moment in time, 600 sparks of hope possible relit. 600 people knowing there is someone out there rooting for them to overcome any hardship life can throw at people!

To everyone who has donated a dollar so far, thank you! Without you guys, this would not be possible. To everyone who has taken the time to write a letter or is planning to write a letter, thank you. Your kind words and encouragement is going to help someone, somewhere reclaim hope. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we are all still human and need a gentle push to keep trying.


I know some of you might be sitting there wondering why you should donate a dollar to one of the places like homeless shelters, hospitals, veteran centers, women and children centers, etc… Honestly, you don’t have to. You can save that dollar for something else. However, I want you to close your eyes for a minute and imagine everything you had was gone and you were left with nothing and nowhere to go. It’s cold and raining as you make your way downtown, your stomach is grumbling from the extreme hunger you’re feeling. Just hoping a kind soul would notice you and offer something to eat.

You’ve tried time and time again for a job, praying that someone would give you the time of day so you can get your life on track, however, it feels like no one wants to help you. Your thoughts start weighing you down as you wonder what you’re going to do, you know you can’t keep surviving like this. Depression sets in and you feel like giving up.

Heartbreakingly, to millions of people, this is not just words on a screen, this is their life. Many of the people who experience this did not do anything to become homeless. Sometimes many become homeless due to weather conditions destroying their homes and having nowhere to go, or the death of a loved one forcing them out onto the streets unable to keep up with rent, utilities, and necessities. Some are running from an abusive relationship, afraid to go back. Unfortunately, many children go through this as well. This small exercise is a reality for millions of people. There are thousands of reasons one can instantly become homeless. These people are not just addicts and alcoholics. Honestly, even if they were, they are still human and deserve compassion, reassurance, and hope.

man lying on barricades

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Let’s do another exercise. This time close your eyes and imagine you are in a hospital getting help for a mental disorder, rare disease, or life threating surgery. You don’t know when you will go home. Doctors are constantly evaluating you. Your heart thumps hard as they tell you heart-shattering news. Trying to be strong and brave for yourself. You have no family, and the friends you do have can’t make it to visitations. You feel lost, hopeless, and so small in this big old world. We’re not even going to go into the financial costs, though that’s a burdening thought to carry as well.

Thousands of people experience this on a daily basis too. I’ve had firsthand experience with living in a hospital for an extended period of time, though I was lucky enough to have family visit me at times. It’s scary, lonely, and mentally draining. The feeling of not being near your loved ones or knowing if you’re going to get better. Guys, it’s hard.

This post is not to guilt trip anyone into anything, this post is to get people to step into someone else’s shoes just for a moment and imagine what they must be going through. Truth is you don’t know the story of the homeless man you pass in your car, the one begging for change just for a bite to eat at McDonald’s, so he doesn’t have to eat out of the trash. Or the woman in the institute trying to better herself, the one you pass on your way to work. She is not crazy, she is lost, hurting, misunderstood, and needing hope.

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I know that a letter or card will not fix anyone’s situation at hand, but they might gain enough hope and encouragement that their flame is lit once again. The flame that burned out as their world fell apart. A card or letter can be kept for the days where someone feels like giving up, a small reminder to keep pushing through and trying to move forward. A reminder that someone out there truly cares enough to take the time to think about them.

My hope and greatest wish with this drive is to bring a ray of hope to someone and motivate them to keep going forward. That they come to realize with time and effort they can overcome anything life has dealt them.

We will also be including phone numbers, places, and websites for each shelter we give out the cards and letters to. Sometimes people want to get better, move forward, and do good for themselves but they do not know where to start. By providing local information they have a place to start.

There is also the option to write out a letter and send it to our P.O. Box for me to distribute to a shelter. You can find all the information on What Can a Letter Do? We will be doing this every year, collecting cards and letters in time for Christmas.

Christmas is a very sensitive holiday to many, especially to those who do not have the option to spend it with their family. I am hoping to provide light and hope during these times. However, if you would like your card or letter to be delivered sooner that is completely fine. Just email me at [email protected] and let me know.

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As I said, this post is not to guilt, pity, or con anyone. I just wanted to help people understand some of the things people might be experiencing. You do not have to donate, or anything, though it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for reading this update on the card and letter drive and thank you all who continue to support Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to spread light, love, and reassurance into the world.

Thank you to all who donates or decides to write an encouraging letter. Your words are going to help those who feel so lost, regain new hope and motivation.

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  1. Your selfless service deserves some recognition… I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Check out the post I made for it when you get the chance. You’re a generous and thoughtful person who deserves to know that their blog is making a difference.

  2. This is a beautiful idea. I’m definitely in. I will write letters ♥️ I read the other post and got the P.O. Box info

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  4. We will write some letters and make cards! This is what we do in our local community! Thanks bunches for all your efforts to spread smiles and good cheer. You have very interesting things to read.

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