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Hey guys,  I want to let those who follow Maybe Crazy Help and those who engage, comment, share and enjoy the content on this site, know that I am doing a new blog segment with fun little trivia questions from the past. There will be a new trivia post every two weeks on Saturday morning around 10-11 am.

If you are not subscribed to Maybe Crazy Helps blog and you’re interested in subscribing to keep up with the latest posts there should be a signup option on the sidebar. This website does things a bit different with trying to help others and to bring peace of mind to many.

What is the Reasoning Behind the Trivia?

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Sometimes reminiscing on good old memories (like 90s Nicktoons) can be a fun way to remember its the little things in life that can make a difference. Imagine its 1997, you first wake up on a Saturday morning and rush to the tv (before your siblings snatch the remote) and you throw on your favorite cartoon program.

Or maybe you would play music and dance around the house in your pj’s, not a care in the world. Either way, my point is it feels good to think about the good things of the past. Not to worry about the bluh of the world today, even if it’s just for a moment.

My hopes with these short little quizzes are to pique the mind, make Maybe Crazy Help more engaging, help others remember good things from the past, and to provide some interesting facts about some of the things we may have grown up with.

But You’re a Mental Health Website

That is a good point. Maybe Crazy Help is a Mental Health website. So, what does trivia have to do with Mental health? Honestly, as a whole, it has little to do with mental health. However, it’s how the trivia used. I am using these little short quizzes to help others relax the mind with familiar past time shows, music, and other things.

How many of you have gotten sucked into the never-ending quizzes on Facebook? I know I have many times (more than I like to admit). While those quizzes do pique interest, there is not much more going on except passing the time with random questions and outcomes.

The trivia on Maybe Crazy Help is for passing time, however, it is also for promoting mindfulness as well. Before each trivia post, there will be an important lesson from one of the shows or songs (there will also be music trivia). This is where mental health and fun trivia can tie in together.

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Awesome, But How is This Going to Help Someone?

Honestly, it might not help, motivate, or do anything for anyone. It’s just something Maybe Crazy Help is trying out. Even if it doesn’t help in a huge way, maybe it helps someone remember a good memory of growing up or maybe the small lesson will help someone understand something from a different perspective.

As I said earlier in this post, this website does things a bit different. Some things may work and some things may not work.

A Nicktoons Lesson

With Rugrats anniversary coming up tomorrow, (August 11, 1991) I thought it would be appropriate to include a Nicktoon lesson from this awesome childhood show. For those who have never seen Rugrats, the show is about a baby named Tommy Pickles and all the adventures he and his friends go on while growing up.

One of my favorite episodes is one I watched with my son a few weeks ago. It’s an episode where Grandpa Lou and Stu (Tommy’s Dad) are car shopping. The babies Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and Dil are with them and playing submarine in the dealership cars. The car dealership guy is, as seen as the babies, a shark. As he is trying to sell old beat-up cars that look new to Stu and Grandpa Lou.

The life lesson in this is beware of things that look nice on the outside but in reality, are junk. You can also take it as don’t judge a book by its cover, but instead of taking it as an old book with a dull cover and amazing story, you can look at it as just because it looks great does not mean that it is.

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Often, many people will fix themselves up just enough to fool those around them. However, within time their true colors start to show. Just as if you were to buy a car that looked new from a dealership with the promise of it running like it just came from the car factory itself. A few months down the line and you are having multiple issues the salesman did not mention. Same thing with a person trying to fool someone. Within time the problems will come to the surface.

Or you could just see the episode as being cautious when buying from a used dealership. A car can be a very expensive luxury, especially if you have to keep shelling out money to fix it. This can lead to stress, financial problems, and more.

Honestly many lessons can be taken from a single episode if one were to sit down and think about it. This was just thought up from the top of my head.

Nicktoons Trivia

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