Saturday Trivia: Who Sings Pop Edition

Hi there! It’s Saturday morning once more and time for Maybe Crazy Help’s weekly Saturday trivia. This week is a music trivia, who sings: pop edition. The form does not collect emails or anything like that. It is just for fun and a way to relax the mind and maybe find old and new songs to listen to shortly!

Music is known to be one of the best forms of therapy for the soul. Come test your knowledge on this pop edition of who sings!



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5 Comments on “Saturday Trivia: Who Sings Pop Edition

    • I have classic rock, country, oldies, and more in my pre-written music trivia drafts. I bet you’ll be able to ace those! Old school music is great, a lot of this newer generation music is honestly horrible.

      • I’m looking forward to catching up to your blog! I love all movies, but drama and horror are my favorite genres. I’m looking forward to The Joker because it kind of looks like both, haha

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