Saturday Trivia: How Much Do You Remember About Cartoon Network?

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Hi there! It’s Saturday morning, meaning it’s time for Saturday trivia once more. This week is Cartoon Network. I had a poll plugin I was trying out and it, unfortunately, did not work on my website. So, I decided to do Cartoon Network as the trivia category this week. I apologize if anyone voted last week and it did not go through. I will have three options after this quiz and have you guys comment on which one you would want to take next Saturday. The most votes will be the next category.  Thursday is the day I usually choose which category will be used. So, Thursday around 5pm will be the cut off time to vote.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Before each trivia form, I like to give a small life lesson from one of the topics chosen for Saturday trivia. This week I have chosen to use Courage the Cowardly Dog from Cartoon Network.

If you have not seen or heard of this exciting show I will give a short intro to who Courage is. Courage is a dog that lives out in the middle of nowhere with his elderly owners. Eustance, the grumpy mean old man and Muriel, the sweet and loving old lady.

Courage is about as far from his name as one could get. He is terrified of everything. Though if it were me living in the middle of nowhere with creepy bazaar things constantly happening I would be a bit cowardly myself.

Each episode has something strange happen with monsters, ghost, aliens, mind control, and more. Poor Courage often has to be brave for his owners to get them out of all the crazy situations they end up in. It truly is an interesting show.

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A Cartoon Network Lesson With Courage the Cowardly Dog

Finding courage in frightening situations can be nerve-wracking. When someone becomes afraid, their fight or flight responses kick in. Personally, I take the flight route more than I would like to admit. Often, I let my fears overwhelm me into not trying or doing something I wanted. Here’s where a good lesson with Courage the Cowardly dog can come in.

Courage always manages to pull through his fears to save the ones he loves. Even when he is freaking out and panicking. His bravery is shown in each episode.

Finding your passion, what you love, and care about can help tremendously when it comes to facing fears. For example, my son is my world and one of the reasons I push myself to become the best version of me. From starting a business to simply going for a walk downtown, I face my irrational fear of people.

I do not want him to see me afraid of the world, so I push through and find my courage for him. Having things to fight for as well as believe in can help the most frightened person overcome what they thought was impossible.

The life lesson in all this is your passion can help you overcome fears and find courage in uncertainty. Can you think of a time you displayed bravery through fear?

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Cartoon Network Trivia

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Thank you for taking the time and reading this post. If you participated in the trivia form thank you and I hope you were able to learn something interesting about the old Cartoon Network. Also, thank you to those who support Maybe Crazy Helps mission to help others overcome darkness the mind can create by spreading light, love, hope, and reassurance. You guys are awesome!

A friendly reminder, we are still collecting letters, cards, drawings, etc, for those living in homeless shelters, group homes, veteran centers, extended stay hospitals, and women and children centers in time for Christmas.

We are trying to spread love, hope, and new motivation to people who don’t have a home to call their own. We will also be providing the homeless shelters, veteran centers, and women and children centers with numbers and places they can go to get help getting back on their feet if they choose to do so.

If you are interested in sending in a letter, card, drawing, etc, you can find all the information in the post What Can a Letter Do?

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I also have a 90s Nickelodeon trivia if you enjoyed this one be sure to check it out 90s Nicktoons Trivia I try to have a new trivia post on Saturday mornings. I believe last weeks was a “who sings pop edition” trivia. This week will be another who sings, though I have not decided on the genre. 🙂

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