Ideas For a Self-Made Mental Health First Aid Kit

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Having an emergency mental health first aid kit can help you in many unexpected ways when you are having a particularly hard day. While this tactic might not work 100% of the time, it can still help in some way. Life can get bumpy, and for those who experience a mental health-related problem, making an emergency kit can help with coping with bad days.

Your favorite chocolate bar or snack

It is a well-known fact, chocolate increases “the happy” chemical in the brain, serotonin. Having a yummy treat that helps boost happiness is a win-win! If chocolate is not your thing you can always replace it with your favorite treat.

A self-help workbook

There are a ton of self-help workbooks online. You can find free ones or search for them on Amazon. I will link my top 3 favorite self-help workbooks I’ve used to help overcome certain areas in my life. If you have no idea where to start these books can help you out.

Having a self-help workbook in your mental health first aid kit can help you by getting your mind focused on more positive things while working on certain areas in your life.

Here are 3 self-help workbooks I currently use to help me:

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A list of mental health-related numbers and websites.

You can use these when there are days where it feels like nothing is working. Sometimes reaching out and talking to someone can help ease your mind. Here is a list I made a while back.

Coloring books, markers, crayons, paint, etc..

Sometimes being creative can help lessen depression, anxiety, stress, etc. Having something creative to get your mind off of the painful thoughts can help relax your mind and calm you down.

A written letter to yourself from a time when you were happy

Write a letter to yourself on a particularly good day reminding yourself these emotions are temporary and you will feel happiness again. Be heartfelt, compassionate, and kind to yourself in the letter. Pull it out and read it on the dreary days.

Pictures of people, places, things, animals, etc, you love and would like to go see.

Sometimes we just need a small reminder it’s the small things in life that mean the most. We live in a fast-paced world and can become easily overwhelmed. Pictures can be a great reminder to take a moment and reflect on what means the most.

Favorite candle, wax cubes, incense, perfume, cologne, etc…

Did you know certain smells can help relax the mind? I personally love using lavender to calm my nerves. Having your favorite smell in your emergency kit can help you relax.

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Bubble Bath, Candle, Lighter

Sometimes a nice relaxing bubble bath can help you ease your mind and wash away the worries of tomorrow. I know everyone does not have a bathtub or prefer showers, what I enjoy doing when I want to enjoy a relaxing shower is putting on music, taking my wax burner into the bathroom, and lighting candles then getting into the shower.

Favorite comedy

Remember the saying laughter is the best medication? Having your favorite movie on hand can help brighten your day. You can change it up each time. If you are more inclined to watch streaming services you can write a list of your favorite comedies to choose from.


Crystals are known to have healing properties. If you think about it everything we have comes from the Earth, it’s not too far fetched to use crystals as a healing technique. This is my own personal belief if you don’t believe they can have healing properties, that is okay. We are all different and have different opinions and views about the world around us.

Hopefully, this list gives you an idea to what to put into your own mental health first aid kit to pull out on rough days. Remember, this may or may not work for you and are just suggestions to help you along the way on your mental health journey.

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  1. While in the height of mental health crisis I was healing from, I had similar items in my glove box at all times to help me ground myself. 8 years ago I was suffering from dissociative episodes and I would use aromatherapy to snap me out of numbness, irrationality etc. This is a very helpful post because I think it’s important for others who go through similar experiences to have as much information as possible. Knowledge is power💪
    Thank you for following me 2✌

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