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Facebook Sharing Option and Like Button Fixed

Hey guys! I wanted to let those who read and follow Maybe Crazy Help, know the Facebook sharing issue has been resolved.  Also, the like button would not show up, so I downloaded a plugin for those that were wanting to like the posts.

If you are a blogger or website owner having trouble sharing blog posts to Facebook and are using Cloudflare; pause Cloudflare, copy the link to the post you want to share to your clipboard, use the Facebook debugger tool, paste the link in the box, scrape the link, refresh the post, and check to see if that helped with sharing your posts to Facebook. After you debug the link you can unpause Cloudflare. Though you might have to run your links through the debugger each time you post unless you want to get rid of Cloudflare.

Hopefully, this will help someone out who needs it. I spent 2 weeks trying to figure out what was wrong and did not want to pay an arm and a leg to get my website fixed or looked at. Luckily, I found and fixed the problem. It was getting frustrating there for a second.

The jetpack like button refuses to load on my website, through research I found that a lot of people have trouble with the like button on jetpack so I just downloaded the plugin WP share & like button.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and helpful. Being new to blogging is definitely a learning process. Any tips, tricks, and advice are always more than welcome. As well as constructive criticism.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post, you guys are awesome.

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