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Searching for an amazing pair of headphones? Nuraphones may be what you are looking for.

Crystal Grasso wearing NuraphonesHey there! I wanted to share a quick recommendation post with you. This will be very beneficial to those who use music as a type of therapy, work in a studio, or who just loves a great pair of headphones in general.

The headphones I am recommending are not your typical headphones. They are much more advanced and personalized than any headphones I have ever heard put on my head. They are called Nuraphones. Here are some of the amazing features these wonderful headphones have to offer:

  • They adapt to your hearing a lot like how hearing aids do. They test your hearing and set up a personalized profile just for you. They even adapt over time. How cool is that?
  • Amazing noise cancellation
  •  A social mode where you can hear things around you while listening to the headphones
  • A feature called immersion where it makes it feel as if you are at a concert in the first row
  • The sides of the headphones have the option to be customized (1 tap turn off/on social mode, 2 taps answer phone calls, etc)
  • They come with a warranty. If you lose or damage your current headphones they will simply deactivate your subscription and send you a new pair at no extra cost.
  • The pair I selected have a $15 a month plan!! (You don’t even have to pay for shipping or need great credit!!)
  • You get a new pair every 24 months and you get to keep the old pair!
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How in the World can a pair of headphones adapt to my hearing??

When you first get your Nura headphones there is a minute process where you download the app and go through a hearing test. There are a series of tones played that bounce off the eardrum. The Nura headphones record the bounce-back of the sounds played and then personalizes the headphones just for you. Additionally, you can have up to 3 profiles on one set of headphones. Pretty neat.

Why I love Nura Headphones

I work from home and my office area is also my son’s playroom. These headphones have helped me in so many ways from answering calls, attending webinars, finding a way to drown out my little one’s loud toys, and more. If you work from home and need a reliable headset, you have my word these are amazing.

I also use them for meditation. I turn on my meditating music, the noise cancellation, and relax to the sound of the music. The Nuraphones are the best headphones I have ever come across.

Also, they come in a beautiful magnetic case with different size earpieces (small, medium, large), an aux cord so you can use them with or without Bluetooth, and the charger for the headphones. Everything is beautifully designed and well packaged.

Wait! There are even more amazing features! I decided to charge them to 100% and let them die on their own. I am on day 3 and I still have 60% battery life left! Another great feature is they go into standby mode when you take them off and they turn back on when you put them on.

If you are interested in the Nuraphones all information can be found here. Just click the highlighted word and it will redirect you to the website.

Here are the pictures from when I unboxed Nura.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this short recommendation post. Additionally, there will be a YouTube review of the Nuraphones next month. I want to test them out for a whole month and give a more detailed review.

Thank you to everyone who likes, comments, shares, and supports Maybe Crazy Help and our mission to help others out of the darkest parts of their minds while spreading light on the subject of mental health. You guys are amazing.

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Recommendation for Space Saving: Your Mental Health Will Thank You

Hey there! This recommendation post will be a little unusual for Maybe Crazy Help, as I am recommending a bed. Yes, a bed. The reason I am recommending this bed is that it helps so much with organization, can be used in small spaces, and is extremely sturdy.

I have OCD. Things have to be a certain way and if I feel cramped it can easily trigger a panic attack. This bed gives me space and room I need to get my work done and feel at ease. I began thinking about others and thought if they were looking for a reliable bed for themselves or their kids, this would be perfect for them. So, here I am recommending this amazing bed to you guys.

Furthermore, Amazon is letting me do 5 payments of $61/month, though the first payment is around $80 due to taxes. How awesome is that?! The bed is only a little over $300, but being able to pay monthly helps so much, especially when you are a parent with an ever-growing child. Seriously, I just bought shoes for my little one and he outgrew them in 2 weeks!! Though that is completely off topic, ha-ha.

I am a prime member, so I am unsure if that has anything to do with being able to have monthly payments or not. I do know I was only able to do monthly payments for just one item, so I choose to do monthly payments with the bed and pay the $150 for the twin mattress.

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Additionally, I will be posting a video of the room before and after. You will be able to see firsthand how much room I was able to save! The first video is before I bought the baby gate when we first moved into our house. I did not get a video of the old bed and baby gate. Though I do have pictures. Our house was built in the 1600s. So keep in mind there is only one outlet in the room, which is why the room is set up the way it is.

Honestly, I have never needed much space; however, I hate feeling cramped. Once I bought the baby gate to keep my little one out of everything that could hurt him, I barely had room to stand. I began to get panicky and knew I had to look for something that would be beneficial for space and mental clarity.

This bed was like a breath of fresh air for my mental. I am a stay home mom and so naturally I converted my room into a play/workroom so I can watch my little one while I work. The white door in the second video is the laundry room, so my room triples as a playroom, laundry room, and my work/sleep space.

So, what’s the name of this awesome bed I am recommending? It is called the

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame, Gray, Twin

This bed has shelves, a desk, and can hold up to 600 pounds! Sturdy and spacious.

This could be very useful for those who have kids, especially if two or more share a room. Each would have their own space to sleep and do homework, draw, write, do crafts, etc. Furthermore, it would be excellent in a studio apartment where space is limited. Guy’s, this bed is amazing. The highlighted words above should redirect you to the bed on Amazon. Definitely check it out if you have been looking into space saving.

Videos and Photos

Here are the videos and pictures I mentioned earlier. You can see how much space was saved. Now my son can play while I work. Without having to cover my entire bed with paperwork or worry about my little one getting into something dangerous.


Before bed
After installing the baby gate



As you can tell in the photo, I did not have much space to work or move around. As a writer and a mother, I needed an area where I could do my work and have a place for my son to play. This bunk bed was perfect. When you have very little space, you have to find ways to make things work. This bed is amazing and 100% worth every penny.

They recommend a 6-inch mattress, however, I bought a 10-inch memory foam mattress and it fits perfectly.


Thank you for reading this recommendation post. I hope someone is able to benefit from this recommendation and save a little space. The only thing that I do not like about the bed is it hurts the bottom of your feet when climbing the ladder. However, a simple pool noodle cut into 5 pieces to place on the ladder steps can fix that easily. Everything else is great and took me and a friend about 4-5 hours to completely put everything together.

Furthermore, I’m excited to share with you, here within the next couple of weeks, I will be adding a quiz section where people can learn about mental health and test their mental health knowledge. I am hoping this will also spread more awareness and understanding regarding mental health.

Additionally, there will be a trivia section for people to relax their minds, learn something interesting, and have fun while doing so. The trivia section will have things like Disney trivia, yearly trivia, movie trivia, and more. Sometimes a fun quiz can help ease the mind and help you focus on something positive. Especially if you are going through something rough.

Thank you, everyone, who supports Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to spread light, love, and reassurance. You guys are awesome.

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Come Find Out Your Personality Type


What is your personality type at Maybe Crazy Help

A few days ago, I came across the Briggs Myers personality test while scrolling through social media. Intrigued I decided eh, why not, and took the test. The results honestly shocked me. I was shooketh to the bone, ha-ha.

Reading about the personality type I was given was like reading a small handout about myself. Though written by another person who had never met me. It was as if they were able to explain me better than myself. Excited, I dug even deeper into the given personality type INFJ.

While I was reading some of the traits, I noticed I do have almost, if not all, of the traits, listed. It also had strengths and weaknesses. Intrigued I dug deeper. Personally, I believe by understanding the basics of one’s personality you can pinpoint and understand why some people are the way they are. It also helps with pinpointing some of the things that one can work on to become the best version of oneself.

With that being said, I thought doing a recommendation post on the Briggs Myers personality test would be fun to do, and help others understand themselves a little better.

What is the Briggs Myers personality test?

Through research, I found that the Briggs Myers personality test is a personality test created by a mother and daughter duo, Isabel Briggs Myers and Kathrine Briggs in the 1940s.

As the online source, explains, “The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.”

The test focuses on if you are more:

Extroverted or Introverted
Sensing or Intuitive
Thinking or Feeling
Judging or Perceiving

When taking the test there can be 16 different outcomes, the one you receive is the personality type you are. Here are the 16 possible outcomes ranked from highest population count to lowest:

Personality test and how rare they are
Data source: “MBTI Manual” published by CPP                     Chart by Crystal Grasso at


Knowing personality types can be very beneficial if you think about it. We are all different with different outlooks, understandings, and ideas about life. When you narrow down the facts and statistics there is a way to help one another understand each other.

I’m going to come up with a random example using the workplace. Everyone in the workplace is different, some people may have some similarities, but all-in-all we are different and have different weaknesses and strengths. By understanding a personality type you could implement that in the workplace and give people tasks that complement their strengths to better the workplace flow.

This concept may be a little out there, but if a boss or manager took the time to get to know and understand their employees via personality test, they could help their business grow at a faster pace. When there are people working together as a team, understanding one another, and acknowledging weaknesses there is a huge advantage when it comes to building a business. You’ll also be growing relationships within the business which makes an employee trust and enjoy coming to work. Of course, there will be days that are dull, but they won’t be dreading another shift if they feel valued and thought of.

While I know this idea is very farfetched, just as many of my other ideas, I still believe managers and bosses should take their employees into consideration when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. Though, that is another topic for a different day.

What is an INFJ?

As stated above I am an INFJ. What this means is INFJs are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ’s make up 1.5% of the population, making us very few and a bit hard to understand. Honestly, I am just starting this journey on finding out who I am, so I do not know much of the INFJ personality type. I do know I feel more understood and not so alone with my thought processes as I did before I took the test. I was even able to find more like-minded people who hold the same ideas as I do, which is a plus. If you are interested in finding out more, you should definitely check out the free online test.

Some famous INFJ’s include Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa, Tom Selleck, and even Hitler was thought to be an INFJ.

Here are my results, so you know some of what to expect after you take the test:


Personality results for Crystal Grasso (Ward) at Maybe Crazy Help
Screenshot by Crystal Grasso (Ward) from


Where can you go to take the personality test, what should you expect when taking the test?

There are several places you can take the Myers-Briggs personality test. My favorite place has been They even have in-depth information about the personality type you get, fun quizzes to see how you and other people answer, and you get your own profile. 16 personalities is an amazing website and dedicated to its readers. There is a lot of free information; though they do have options for people to buy books, courses, and more. Once you’re done reading this, you should definitely go check them out.

I also took the test on a few other websites and got the same results. The 16 personalities test was the best in my opinion. However, I will say you have to be as honest as possible if you truly want to find out your accurate personality type. Here is a screenshot of my results, so you know what you can expect with your profile. Another cool thing is your character is customizable; a nice touch of making your profile more your own.


Personality Results from Crystal Grasso (Ward)
Screenshot by Crystal Grasso (Ward) from


There will be about a 10-minute questionnaire that you will answer. There are no right or wrong answers, just answer with what you feel is best. There is an extra letter at the end as you can see. I got T, which means I am more on the emotional stressed side than the calm assertive side. I am working on becoming more calm and assertive.

How is this beneficial?

Personally, I find knowing about my personality type beneficial in many different ways. I know I mentioned a few beneficial outcomes prior. However, I decided to include a few more. Here are some of the ways I believe people can benefit from when learning about their personality type:

  • Understanding yourself better
  • Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses to improve upon
  • Finding like-minded people who share the same views and understandings as you
  • Understanding other people
  • Feeling understood
  • Becoming more aware of yourself and those around you

We are all beautifully different, but we are tied together in some of the ways we think, feel, and react to certain things depending on how we grew up and perceived the world around us. Honestly, that’s pretty neat if you think about it.


The Myers-Briggs personality test was conducted by a mother and daughter. They created this test to help people become more understandable and for it to be useful in others lives. There are 16 different outcomes when taking the test. Myers and Briggs created this model with the help of the theory C. J. Jung created. By taking the test at you can find out your own personality type. Additionally, by finding out what personality type you are you can work on your strengths, weaknesses, understand yourself better and more.


Thank you to everyone who reads, likes, comments, and shares the posts on Maybe Crazy Help. You guys are awesome!! I hope you enjoyed this recommendation post and learn more about yourself by taking the personality test if you have not already.

A friendly reminder, we are doing a drive to collect cards and letters of hope for shelters in time for Christmas. If you are interested in sending a letter or card all the information can be found on the post What Can a Letter Do? We have collected 447 cards so far and the number is continuously growing. Everyone who has written a letter or sent a donation for a card thank you so much. You are amazing and spreading hope to those who may feel hopeless and lost.

All constructive criticism is always more than welcome. I am new to blogging and would love feedback. I learn through my mistakes, so if you find any mistakes let me know in the comments below.

I would love to hear about some of your results and if you feel like the test was accurate or not.

Oh! The facebook share button is giving me a 301 redirect, I am currently fixing this. All other sharing buttons should be working. Just a small heads up.

Thank You Photo Maybe Crazy Help
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The Myers & Briggs Foundation – MBTI® Basics,

“‘It’s so Incredible to Finally Be Understood.”.” 16Personalities,

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Book Recommendation


By Derra Nicole Sabo

The time it took to read: 1-2 hours

Feelings before reading: Interested

Feelings after reading: Hopeful and Inspired

Rate 1-10: 10


people woman girl cute
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I am so excited to write this review, as it is my very first book recommendation post. To begin with, I will let you guys know how I came across this lovely book. One day while I was on Twitter, I sent a tweet out asking people to guide me to some amazing blogs, books, and content on mental health. Derra commented about her book, Anomaly, on the tweet, so I decided to check it out. I clicked on the book and was redirected to Amazon; I was so happy to see this book on Kindle Unlimited. I instantly downloaded it and read the first few pages to get a feel of the book. Long story short, I could not put it down.

Derra writes about insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts, fears, and more. She writes with compassion and a deep understanding of what it feels like to be lost in this great big world. How it feels to be broken. Her words are encouraging and deep, by sharing her views and outlooks of the world around us she is helping many lost souls know they are not alone.

I enjoy the uniqueness of Anomaly. The meaningful quotes at the end of the pages, the deep thoughtful content, and the realness Derra brings forth is truly inspiring. Though, these are my personal opinions on the book. If you get the chance you should check her book out, read it, and comment below on how you felt.

Personally, I felt as if I were sitting in a coffee shop having a chat with Derra. I loved the friendly, comforting, feeling this book gives when reading it; it’s as if you become a part of Derra’s world. I honestly enjoyed reading Anomaly and would recommend it to anyone who was seeking heartfelt books on Mental Health. This book talks to you, not at you like a lot of books. It gives it a lovely personal touch.

Anomaly is engaging, intriguing, and captivates the mind with well-known quotes, songs, and personal experiences that are bound to connect with its readers. This book will surely have readers thinking, relating, and feeling hopeful. Check it out for yourself down below. 


I just wanted to let you guys know the links on this page are affiliated, which means if you click on the link and buy a product, I receive a small commission for recommending you to the product. It does not cost you anything, I just like letting readers know what they are clicking on. I use trusted sources like Amazon for these affiliate links to make a small profit so I can keep Maybe Crazy Help up and running smoothly.

Thank you all for reading this recommendation post, and thank you to everyone who likes, comments, and supports Maybe Crazy Help. Furthermore, I would like to say a huge thank you to Derra, for writing such an inspiring book. If anyone has any amazing books for me to read, let me know in the comment section below, it is greatly appreciated.

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“Together we will inspire the world”

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A Simple Challenge: Do you Accept this Quest?

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Hello everyone, welcome to the recommendation page of Maybe Crazy Help, this is the first post for the newest page. Here you will find book recommendations of inspirational self-help, mental health, and other books/magazines regarding self-healing. I have read many books about mental health and decided it would be a good idea to redirect you guys to some amazing books that offer a lot of value to the readers. I am also going to be buying 1-3 books a month to read and review, it would be awesome if some of you could recommend books for me to read as well.

Furthermore, I will be testing out apps, gadgets, and other items that claim to help with things like depression, anxiety, and self-healing. I know we are all different and we will all have different opinions and outcomes of the books and items selected, I just wanted to read, test, and review some of the items to hopefully help with questions readers may have before deciding to buy a product or not.

One of the goals for this website is for it blossom into a caring community where we all come together as one and help one another. By sharing experiences, recommendations on things that personally help us, and commenting on posts; we can help each other heal from many deeply embedded emotional wounds. We are all human and we all need a listening ear from time to time or a guiding heart to help lead us out of the dark places our minds can go.

First Challange Recommendation

Personally, I look at this era as the digital era. Most of us always have a phone, tablet, or gadget that keeps us connected. We have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more social platforms, which are all great for connecting; while sharing the latest memes, news, and updates. But I feel we need something more heartfelt, motivational, guiding, and inspirational.

So, I am in the process of building a place online people can go for a beckon of light, where you don’t just read and leave, inspired for a split second and maybe share a post you liked. No, I am building a place where people can come to seek guidance, connect, and talk about life, hardships, beautiful moments and more. It’s a work in progress, but it is coming along.

apps business cellphone cellular telephone
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Here is my only problem with social media like Facebook. They promote a lot of unkindness. For example, the memes people chuckle at of obese people with an ice cream cone under them… that’s not kind. Furthermore, people who have their pictures taken in public and then shared with hurtful captions. Guys, this gets sent to millions of people for months and years at a time. What I am trying to get at is the mocking memes, biased news, and other unneeded content clouds our better judgment at times. It might be good for a chuckle but imagine being the person in the shared photo for a small second.

Many will argue to lighten up, it’s just a joke but think about it for a moment. If that were you or someone you knew would you honestly lighten up? 9 times out of 10 you more than likely wouldn’t. If it were your photo that came up, it would cross your mind often, you might be afraid to go out in public again, you may become depressed, anxious, and heartbroken someone would do that. These are just a few examples of what the other person experiencing this situation might go through.

I am also guilty of sharing things that are not very kind, so do not assume I am pointing fingers, I am just saying put yourself in someone else’s shoes for just a second.

There is a huge difference when it comes to being funny and playing around with someone you know, making a silly photo. Compared to creating, sharing, or posting a potentially hurtful meme about someone you don’t know.

So, I’m going to promote a small challenge for the first recommendation. I challenge you to not take part in sharing the hurtful content you come across. If it makes you laugh, give it a like and move along, just don’t share it. Simple right?

There are plenty of other fun things you can share, heck I just shared a video of Bill Nye setting a globe on fire and getting annoyed at the lack of concern for our planet on Facebook. It was amusing to watch, even with him cursing like a sailor.

I believe if we can get enough people to jump on this bandwagon, it could significantly reduce the online bullying, anxiety, depression, and more that come along with this seemingly innocent action. By sharing hurtful content we are also teaching the younger generation it is okay to make fun of people and share it in meme form. Personally speaking, that is not okay.

I honestly wonder if we began to promote more positivity on social media, in music, on tv, and reject the negativity; if a lot of the mental gunk would clear for many? Of course, someone would feel down and depressed if all they saw and listened to was depressive content… though these are just my personal rambling thoughts on the matter. What do you think? Comment below, I would love to hear your opinions on this as well.

So, grab a snack, drink, and let’s dive into the posts, recommendations, comment sections and build up a heartfelt community. We all want a sense of peace, let’s find it together.


A friendly reminder, we are collecting letters and cards for homeless shelters, veteran center, hospitals, women and children centers, and group homes in time for Christmas, if you would like to find out more information on this, you can read the post What Can a Letter Do? We plan on doing this every year to provide a ray of hope during hardships. We know a letter will not magically make things better, but it can be read when things start looking gloomy. A gentle reminder that someone out there is rooting for them to overcome the hardships.

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Thank you all who read, like, comment and support Maybe Crazy Help. You guys are amazing. If you have not subscribed, go ahead and subscribe. There are big things planned and being a subscriber, you’ll be the first to know everything.