Overcoming the Sting of Death

Time is a wonderful tool to help numb the harsh sting of death. However, nothing can ever replace the deep longing of wanting someone who has deceased to come back. The death of a loved one leaves an invisible scar within the heart, that can hurt years after someone has passed away. You could be… Read More

A Kings Greed: A Short Story

There once was a very greedy king who owned more than any man in the land. However, the unhappiness in this foolish kings’ heart caused him to want more and more. He tried filling his life with objects, beautiful women, the finest horses, and more; but he could never satisfy his greedy heart. One day… Read More

Three Anxiety Reducers That Can Help You Make an Extra Income

  Living with anxiety can be a living nightmare; in which you’re trying desperately to wake from. The rapid heartbeats, the overwhelming rush of nervousness, the unstoppable, overthinking that never slows down… Anxiety can take its toll on anyone’s mental health and stability. The bottom line is, anxiety is difficult to live with and can… Read More