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Saturday Trivia: How Much Do You Remember About Cartoon Network?

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Hi there! It’s Saturday morning, meaning it’s time for Saturday trivia once more. This week is Cartoon Network. I had a poll plugin I was trying out and it, unfortunately, did not work on my website. So, I decided to do Cartoon Network as the trivia category this week. I apologize if anyone voted last week and it did not go through. I will have three options after this quiz and have you guys comment on which one you would want to take next Saturday. The most votes will be the next category.  Thursday is the day I usually choose which category will be used. So, Thursday around 5pm will be the cut off time to vote.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Before each trivia form, I like to give a small life lesson from one of the topics chosen for Saturday trivia. This week I have chosen to use Courage the Cowardly Dog from Cartoon Network.

If you have not seen or heard of this exciting show I will give a short intro to who Courage is. Courage is a dog that lives out in the middle of nowhere with his elderly owners. Eustance, the grumpy mean old man and Muriel, the sweet and loving old lady.

Courage is about as far from his name as one could get. He is terrified of everything. Though if it were me living in the middle of nowhere with creepy bazaar things constantly happening I would be a bit cowardly myself.

Each episode has something strange happen with monsters, ghost, aliens, mind control, and more. Poor Courage often has to be brave for his owners to get them out of all the crazy situations they end up in. It truly is an interesting show.

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A Cartoon Network Lesson With Courage the Cowardly Dog

Finding courage in frightening situations can be nerve-wracking. When someone becomes afraid, their fight or flight responses kick in. Personally, I take the flight route more than I would like to admit. Often, I let my fears overwhelm me into not trying or doing something I wanted. Here’s where a good lesson with Courage the Cowardly dog can come in.

Courage always manages to pull through his fears to save the ones he loves. Even when he is freaking out and panicking. His bravery is shown in each episode.

Finding your passion, what you love, and care about can help tremendously when it comes to facing fears. For example, my son is my world and one of the reasons I push myself to become the best version of me. From starting a business to simply going for a walk downtown, I face my irrational fear of people.

I do not want him to see me afraid of the world, so I push through and find my courage for him. Having things to fight for as well as believe in can help the most frightened person overcome what they thought was impossible.

The life lesson in all this is your passion can help you overcome fears and find courage in uncertainty. Can you think of a time you displayed bravery through fear?

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Cartoon Network Trivia

This form does not collect emails, it is just for fun.


Thank you for taking the time and reading this post. If you participated in the trivia form thank you and I hope you were able to learn something interesting about the old Cartoon Network. Also, thank you to those who support Maybe Crazy Helps mission to help others overcome darkness the mind can create by spreading light, love, hope, and reassurance. You guys are awesome!

A friendly reminder, we are still collecting letters, cards, drawings, etc, for those living in homeless shelters, group homes, veteran centers, extended stay hospitals, and women and children centers in time for Christmas.

We are trying to spread love, hope, and new motivation to people who don’t have a home to call their own. We will also be providing the homeless shelters, veteran centers, and women and children centers with numbers and places they can go to get help getting back on their feet if they choose to do so.

If you are interested in sending in a letter, card, drawing, etc, you can find all the information in the post What Can a Letter Do?

Cards and Letters of Hope
Created by Crystal Grasso at

Vote for Next Weeks Saturday Trivia

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Comment below, whichever gets the most votes will be used for next Saturday. Thursday, August 22 will be the last day to vote for next Saturday’s trivia. Last weeks trivia was 90s Nicktoons Trivia Come See How Much You Remember 


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Online Therapy: A Great Alternative to Traditional Therapy Sessions

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According to the website, the average cost of therapy ranges from $65 per hour to $250 and up. In most case scenarios, a person can expect to pay between $100 and $200 PER SESSION. I don’t know about you, but in my experience, this can become a bit pricy if one does not have insurance. Even with insurance, you still, more than likely, have to pay around $50 per session. Depending on where you go and who your insurance provider is the price varies.

A vast amount of people cannot afford one therapy session, let alone going once a week. Which, would cost about $400-$800 a month for weekly therapy visits without insurance. Around $200-$400 with insurance. This is going based on the numbers provided above.

To me, this is a bit surprising as statistics show people who are in poverty have a higher rate of mental-health related problems. With prices being so high many people have no idea where to turn to for help. This can be life-threating for people who need therapy to help them get back into the right mindset for everyday life.

Through research and trying to find better alternatives for myself, I came across a website called that I wanted to share with others who may be trying to find better alternatives to the expensive traditional therapy route.

That statement is not to discredit the therapist who is doing their best in trying to help others through their services. I am just trying to supply information to those who cannot afford traditional therapy services.

What is Therapy-Online?

Therapy-Online is a website true to its domain name. It is an alternative therapy website with many licensed therapists in several different categories:

  • Addiction
  • Agoraphobia
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • BPD
  • Depression
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  • GAD
  • Health and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • OCD
  • Panic Attacks
  • PTSD
  • Relationships
  • Social Anxiety
  • Speech Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Weight problems

It also has a free yoga section to the website that anyone can receive help from. Furthermore, I read they are about to add couples therapy as well.

What Type of Therapy Should I Expect?

Online-Therapy uses CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy), to help their clients find positive ways to cope and deal with certain situations, overcome dysfunctional behaviors and emotions.

Cognitive is a term that describes thinking patterns and learning abilities. The way someone understands and processes thoughts and emotions.

Behavioral is a term meaning how we respond to things that correlate to our emotions. Like how we would respond to winning or losing a game.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps us to understand and process our physical and emotional reactions in a proper manner. This helps people change their thinking pattern, thus changing negative reactions to more positive reactions. Resulting in coping and handling life a lot better than before.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Image
Made by Crystal Grasso at with the information provided by

What Does Online-Therapy Offer?

If you decide to receive help through this website, you will get access to:

  • A personal therapist, whom you can change if you feel necessary
  • Worksheets with real feedback within 24 hours after submission
  • Live chat
  • Messages
  • Journal
  • Activity plan
  • Yoga
  • Full access 24/7 to your materials. The online therapist is active Monday through Friday.
  • The choice to download videos and audio files for offline use
  • The choice to convert your worksheets into a PDF to print
  • A certificate after completing the program
  • The option to be completely anonymous

What About Pricing?

When it comes to pricing, you have to remember the therapist who is a part of the Online-Therapy community are taking their time and helping you with more affordable alternatives. They do require a payment plan, however, considering the prices mentioned at the beginning of this article, they are a lot cheaper and you have access to materials 24/7.  It also has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you feel it’s not for you.

With this link, you can get up to 20% off your first month with any plan.

The Basic Plan is $31.95 a week with the discount ($127 the first month) after the first month it is $39.95 a week ($159 a month)

The Standard Plan is $47.95 a week for the first month with the discount ($191 the first month) after the first month it is $59.95 ($239 a month)

The Premium Plan is $63.96 a week for the first month ($255 the first month) after the first month it is $79.95 a week ($319 a month)

Discounted Prices to Online-Therapy
Made by Crystal Grasso at with the information provided by

Don’t Let The Prices Drive You Away

Now I know these look-like steep numbers, but when comparing the traditional pricing to online therapy’s pricing there is a huge difference and you get more support with the online therapy.

Furthermore, most courts take online-therapy anger management course as a traditional anger management course. So, if you must take court-ordered anger management classes, this may be an excellent option for you as well. Though you should always check with your court beforehand so there are not any mix-ups.

While Online-Therapy does not accept insurance, they do accept Health Saving Account (HAS) and/or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards as a payment option.

A lot of the time a month is all someone needs to help them get back on track. Though, if you need longer that’s always okay too, you can cancel the subscription at any time!

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This is Your Future We are Talking About

You do have to be 18 and older to be able to receive access to Online-Therapy. However, if both parents of a teenager were to give consent for their teenager and send separate emails giving their consent the teen would be able to access the therapy sessions. This could help thousands of teens and even save money in the long run.

Think about it. This is you we are talking about. You are the main character in your life. Having a healthy mind and lifestyle is vital for maintaining a bright future. By choosing to put time, effort, and a little bit of money into something like online therapy, you are investing in yourself for a happier version of you.

Share to Help Others

If this sounds like something you or someone you know can benefit from, you can use this link for 20% off your first month. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you sign up and don’t like it you can always get your money back. It’s a win-win!

Even if you think this will not work for you, it might help someone else who is needing a cheaper alternative to therapy. Don’t forget to share this post with as many people possible, so we can help others who might desperately need a program like Online-Therapy. It could save their life and help them build a better future.

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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post. I hope you were able to find value within this post. Also, thank you to everyone who likes, comments, shares, and supports Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to help spread light, love, hope, and reassurance to those who feel as if they are alone in the dark. You guys are the bees-knees!







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90s Nicktoons Trivia Come See How Much You Remember

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Hey guys,  I want to let those who follow Maybe Crazy Help and those who engage, comment, share and enjoy the content on this site, know that I am doing a new blog segment with fun little trivia questions from the past. There will be a new trivia post every two weeks on Saturday morning around 10-11 am.

If you are not subscribed to Maybe Crazy Helps blog and you’re interested in subscribing to keep up with the latest posts there should be a signup option on the sidebar. This website does things a bit different with trying to help others and to bring peace of mind to many.

What is the Reasoning Behind the Trivia?

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Sometimes reminiscing on good old memories (like 90s Nicktoons) can be a fun way to remember its the little things in life that can make a difference. Imagine its 1997, you first wake up on a Saturday morning and rush to the tv (before your siblings snatch the remote) and you throw on your favorite cartoon program.

Or maybe you would play music and dance around the house in your pj’s, not a care in the world. Either way, my point is it feels good to think about the good things of the past. Not to worry about the bluh of the world today, even if it’s just for a moment.

My hopes with these short little quizzes are to pique the mind, make Maybe Crazy Help more engaging, help others remember good things from the past, and to provide some interesting facts about some of the things we may have grown up with.

But You’re a Mental Health Website

That is a good point. Maybe Crazy Help is a Mental Health website. So, what does trivia have to do with Mental health? Honestly, as a whole, it has little to do with mental health. However, it’s how the trivia used. I am using these little short quizzes to help others relax the mind with familiar past time shows, music, and other things.

How many of you have gotten sucked into the never-ending quizzes on Facebook? I know I have many times (more than I like to admit). While those quizzes do pique interest, there is not much more going on except passing the time with random questions and outcomes.

The trivia on Maybe Crazy Help is for passing time, however, it is also for promoting mindfulness as well. Before each trivia post, there will be an important lesson from one of the shows or songs (there will also be music trivia). This is where mental health and fun trivia can tie in together.

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Awesome, But How is This Going to Help Someone?

Honestly, it might not help, motivate, or do anything for anyone. It’s just something Maybe Crazy Help is trying out. Even if it doesn’t help in a huge way, maybe it helps someone remember a good memory of growing up or maybe the small lesson will help someone understand something from a different perspective.

As I said earlier in this post, this website does things a bit different. Some things may work and some things may not work.

A Nicktoons Lesson

With Rugrats anniversary coming up tomorrow, (August 11, 1991) I thought it would be appropriate to include a Nicktoon lesson from this awesome childhood show. For those who have never seen Rugrats, the show is about a baby named Tommy Pickles and all the adventures he and his friends go on while growing up.

One of my favorite episodes is one I watched with my son a few weeks ago. It’s an episode where Grandpa Lou and Stu (Tommy’s Dad) are car shopping. The babies Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and Dil are with them and playing submarine in the dealership cars. The car dealership guy is, as seen as the babies, a shark. As he is trying to sell old beat-up cars that look new to Stu and Grandpa Lou.

The life lesson in this is beware of things that look nice on the outside but in reality, are junk. You can also take it as don’t judge a book by its cover, but instead of taking it as an old book with a dull cover and amazing story, you can look at it as just because it looks great does not mean that it is.

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Often, many people will fix themselves up just enough to fool those around them. However, within time their true colors start to show. Just as if you were to buy a car that looked new from a dealership with the promise of it running like it just came from the car factory itself. A few months down the line and you are having multiple issues the salesman did not mention. Same thing with a person trying to fool someone. Within time the problems will come to the surface.

Or you could just see the episode as being cautious when buying from a used dealership. A car can be a very expensive luxury, especially if you have to keep shelling out money to fix it. This can lead to stress, financial problems, and more.

Honestly many lessons can be taken from a single episode if one were to sit down and think about it. This was just thought up from the top of my head.

Nicktoons Trivia

This trivia questionnaire does not collect emails.


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Come Test Your Knowledge on Eating Disorders: My Own Journey Included

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According to the informative website Freed, “At least 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their life.”

My Own Battle With Eating Disorders

Growing up, I had problems with my weight from a very young age. At first, I could not keep weight on me, but as the years went on the weight began to pack on. Especially after I was sent to a facility to get help for self-harm. I was put on multiple medications that made me into, basically, a zombie.

While I was in the facility, I noticed my weight started to increase rapidly and being 14, I began to panic. I stopped eating. I only ate when I felt lightheaded, I drank only water, exercised in my room constantly, and I would throw whole trays of food away; with the hopes of a stray finding and eating the discarded food. I remember thinking to myself many times; I don’t want to be fat because of the medication the strays need this more than me.

Months went by and I began to get smaller and smaller. Until I was smaller than I was when I had first entered the facility. By this time the nurses knew what was happening and put me on Ensure to maintain my nutrients. As well as a multivitamin. A lot of the time I dumped the Ensure and threw up my medication. Again, I thought I was gaining weight because of the medication. I wanted nothing to do with medicine.

Through all this, I remember feeling

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  • Irritated more often
  • Anxious
  • Constantly worried about my weight
  • Very low self-esteem
  • Shakey
  • Very tired all the time
  • Deep depression

Even so, I still did not want to gain weight. I could not see or understand that I was not overweight at all. I was very underweight at this point.

It was not until I was moved to another facility that I began to accept the fact I had become anorexic. I was put on more medication and I started slowly eating again. However, this time I used food as a form of comfort and began to overeat. By the time I left the hospital, I was around 260 pounds at the age of 19.

After being released from the facilities in 2011, I had to walk or ride the bus to get to where I was going. Naturally, a lot of the weight began to come off. In 2014, when I lost the majority of my memory I was around 160. However, due to the traumatic event of losing the majority of my memory for around 6 months, I ate to hid my feelings.

Fast-forward to 2016 and I’m 215 pounds. I had a miscarriage, ate like crazy, and shot up to 240. Four months after I had the miscarriage I became pregnant with my son. I lost a lot of weight in the beginning because I could not keep food down. At the end of the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia and gained 20 pounds of water weight in less than two weeks. I had to have an emergency c-section to save both my son and myself.

Now I am on a lifestyle journey to a healthier me. I started my weight loss journey around 250 pounds in November 2018. It is now August 2019 and I have proudly lost over 50 pounds through keto and exercise.

Through this journey, I am learning it is okay to eat and still love your body. It’s okay to have cheat days as long as you bounce back and continue on your goal. Most importantly, I am learning to accept myself the way I am.

As you can see, I have had my battles with weight, eating disorders, and the overwhelming feeling of just wanting my body to be pretty.

Do You Have a Loved One With an Eating Disorder?

If you have a family member who may be going through an eating disorder here are some of the things you can watch for:

  • Not eating or skipping meals often
  • Having to go to the bathroom right after a meal
  • Hair becoming thin
  • Nails becoming brittle
  • Major weight loss or gain
  • Withdrawn from family and friends
  • Constantly asking about their weight and putting themselves down

Always remember to be patient and understanding. Don’t yell, belittle, or become angry if someone you care about is experiencing an eating disorder. Sit down and talk with them. Try to set up a doctors appointment and follow through. Eating disorders can become very dangerous and fatal, as they can cause organ damage.

Remember, they are already going through so much mental and physical complications. Acting rash, judging, or in anger might cause them to not reach out for help.

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Maybe You Have an Eating Disorder

If you are experiencing an eating disorder yourself, please don’t be afraid to reach out and get help. I understand all to well the promise of when I get to this weight I will stop or the constant worry about what eating a small bag of chips is going to do to the body.

It’s hard to admit you need help, but that is the first step in getting better. Hun, you are causing internal harm to your body that can be life-threatening. There are many different ways to live a healthy lifestyle, be able to eat, and not gain a ton of weight.

When you give up the eating disorder for a healthier lifestyle you gain so much. Here are some of the things that I gained by taking the steps to get better:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Thicker hair
  • Stronger nails
  • Not having the overwhelming worry about weight gain (though it is in the back of my mind from time to time. You will learn how to reduce the worry with time.)
  • A new love for your body
  • Higher self-esteem
  • The opportunity to help someone going through something similar in the future

However, I will be upfront and honest. It is hard and you have to put your all into getting better for a healthy lifestyle. There will be days you feel like throwing your hands up and reverting back to your old ways. Push through. Even if you slip up, wake up the next day with the intentions to do better than the day before. One slip up does not undo all the progress you have made. You can do it, but you have to make up your mind you want it.


Eating disorders affect millions of people every year. It can cause complications like organ failure and can even be fatal. If you know someone who is going through an eating disorder be patient and understanding, as they are going through so much already. If you can try to get them to set up an appointment with a doctor and follow-through on the appointments. Those who are currently experiencing an eating disorder can overcome an eating disorder and have a healthy lifestyle if they put all their effort into getting better.


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Thank you for reading this post and thank you to those who like, share, comment on, and support Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to help others overcome some of the darkest parts of the mind while spreading light on the subject of mental health. Together we can help others overcome, understand, and pay it forward to someone who is going through something similar in the future.

Down below is a small quiz about eating disorders to help others understand more about eating disorders. By taking this quiz and sharing it we are spreading more awareness to those who may not understand eating disorders. Come test your knowledge and hopefully learn something new.

The questions are collected from various sources. Some of the terminologies are slang, but none the less they are real conditions. If you notice a question or answer that is wrong please email me at [email protected]

A Friendly Reminder

We are still collecting letters and cards of hope for those living in shelters, VA centers, women and children centers, group homes, and extended stay hospitals in time for Christmas. If you are interested in sending a small ray of hope you can find all the information in the post What Can a Letter Do?

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Come Test Your Knowledge About Bipolar Disorder

According to NAMI, Bipolar Disorder affects men and women equally, with about 2.6% of the U.S. population diagnosed with bipolar disorder and nearly 83%of cases classified as severe.

The small quiz below is to help others become more knowledgeable about this disorder and to help spread more awareness. Maybe Crazy Help gathered questions and answers from various sources to make this quiz. Come test your knowledge and maybe learn something new. 

By coming together and spreading awareness we can help others understand some of the difficulties and symptoms of this important disorder. Furthermore, by being more aware and understanding we continue to clear up the negativity around the subject of mental health. 

If you want to know more information about bipolar disorder the website NAMI has a lot of valuable information regarding mental health, be sure to check out the page linked as it has important information on this disorder.  

Come Test Your Knowledge About Bipolar Disorder


Thank you to everyone who participates in this short quiz. If you notice anything wrong please comment below or email me at [email protected] 

Just a friendly reminder, we are still collecting letters and cards to be delivered to various local shelters in time for Christmas. If you are interested in sending a letter or a card you can find all the information in the post What Can a Letter Do? 

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Searching for an amazing pair of headphones? Nuraphones may be what you are looking for.

Crystal Grasso wearing NuraphonesHey there! I wanted to share a quick recommendation post with you. This will be very beneficial to those who use music as a type of therapy, work in a studio, or who just loves a great pair of headphones in general.

The headphones I am recommending are not your typical headphones. They are much more advanced and personalized than any headphones I have ever heard put on my head. They are called Nuraphones. Here are some of the amazing features these wonderful headphones have to offer:

  • They adapt to your hearing a lot like how hearing aids do. They test your hearing and set up a personalized profile just for you. They even adapt over time. How cool is that?
  • Amazing noise cancellation
  •  A social mode where you can hear things around you while listening to the headphones
  • A feature called immersion where it makes it feel as if you are at a concert in the first row
  • The sides of the headphones have the option to be customized (1 tap turn off/on social mode, 2 taps answer phone calls, etc)
  • They come with a warranty. If you lose or damage your current headphones they will simply deactivate your subscription and send you a new pair at no extra cost.
  • The pair I selected have a $15 a month plan!! (You don’t even have to pay for shipping or need great credit!!)
  • You get a new pair every 24 months and you get to keep the old pair!
boy in black v neck shirt with looking straight to the camera with a shocking face expression
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How in the World can a pair of headphones adapt to my hearing??

When you first get your Nura headphones there is a minute process where you download the app and go through a hearing test. There are a series of tones played that bounce off the eardrum. The Nura headphones record the bounce-back of the sounds played and then personalizes the headphones just for you. Additionally, you can have up to 3 profiles on one set of headphones. Pretty neat.

Why I love Nura Headphones

I work from home and my office area is also my son’s playroom. These headphones have helped me in so many ways from answering calls, attending webinars, finding a way to drown out my little one’s loud toys, and more. If you work from home and need a reliable headset, you have my word these are amazing.

I also use them for meditation. I turn on my meditating music, the noise cancellation, and relax to the sound of the music. The Nuraphones are the best headphones I have ever come across.

Also, they come in a beautiful magnetic case with different size earpieces (small, medium, large), an aux cord so you can use them with or without Bluetooth, and the charger for the headphones. Everything is beautifully designed and well packaged.

Wait! There are even more amazing features! I decided to charge them to 100% and let them die on their own. I am on day 3 and I still have 60% battery life left! Another great feature is they go into standby mode when you take them off and they turn back on when you put them on.

If you are interested in the Nuraphones all information can be found here. Just click the highlighted word and it will redirect you to the website.

Here are the pictures from when I unboxed Nura.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this short recommendation post. Additionally, there will be a YouTube review of the Nuraphones next month. I want to test them out for a whole month and give a more detailed review.

Thank you to everyone who likes, comments, shares, and supports Maybe Crazy Help and our mission to help others out of the darkest parts of their minds while spreading light on the subject of mental health. You guys are amazing.

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Let it Out: Stop Stuffing Emotions (You are not a Thanksgiving Turkey)

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Down below is a poem I wrote last Monday. Usually, when I am upset, I try to distract myself by not thinking about the situation. I stuff my emotions until I get overly upset at the smallest thing and explode with rage. Quite frankly I’m tired of feeling the way I do when I ignore how I am feeling. So, I decided to do something different.

This time I let how I was feeling out and told myself I would be okay. I know this tactic will not work with everyone and it might not work all the time. However, it helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed. If you or someone you know stuffs their emotions, I hope you are able to find this post valuable.


I Am Hurting Today

I am hurting today

The skies are dark and gray

Tears fall from my eyes like the rain in the forecast

My heart is broken and eyes downcast

Even so, I know I will be okay


Living in a world where we try to numb the pain

Through various methods like drugs, food, or games


We are made to believe uncomfortable emotions are weak because they hurt

They say not to wallow in the dirt

Get up and stand strong

If you continue to be unhappy, you will end up alone


What if we were told to let it out?

Get through the emotions, scream, and shout

Suppressing pain is only causing more heartache

Feel the emotions, learn how not to break


Would we be more at ease within ourselves?

Not suppressing the emotions causing inner hell

Controlling emotions is one of the keys

To unlock your potential and finding your destiny


Next time you find yourself feeling blue

Remind yourself these are normal feelings flowing through you


When your rage starts to ignite

Remember you are in control of the light

When your jealousy starts to glow green

Remember to look behind the scenes


These feelings are normal, cannot you see

Keep going, have faith, and believe

If you are hurting today

Just know it will be okay

afterglow avian backlit birds
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Emotions are Normal

From a young age, I learned how to keep my thoughts to myself, avoid conflict, and smile through whatever was hurting me. No one cared about the problems I was going through, or at least that is what I thought and was made to believe.

This thought pattern made it to where I would bottle up emotions, pain, wrongdoings of others, and just accept it. That is until I could no longer accept the pain and would explode with rage over the smallest things.

Personally, I believe bottling feelings seems as natural as breathing air in today’s world. However, I am here to tell you it is not natural to suppress all the emotions you dislike. Or finding something to distract yourself from whatever feeling you are going through. Hurt, pain, conflict, disagreements, sadness, jealousy, these are all normal feelings.


The Magical Water Jug

Think of an empty jug of water. Now imagine it starts filling with water each time an emotion comes up that you try to suppress. Guarantee your jug is going to fill quickly if you are a suppresser. When you keep adding water (unwanted emotions) to your jug you notice it begins to leak out of the top, overflowing. So, you decide to put a cap on the jug (building a wall around yourself). However, this is not an ordinary jug, as it magically fills each time you feel an unwanted emotion and suppress it. Before you know it your jug cracks and shatters from the pressure of the amount of water collected.

bottle carafes
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We are not meant to suppress emotions. We are very much like this magical filling water jug in the paragraph above. If we hold too much in, eventually it is going to come out. Sometimes in very unhealthy ways.

In order to truly get through something, you have to be upfront, open, and willing to feel the uncomfortable emotions. You have to reassure yourself that you will be okay and to continue to keep trying to overcome your personal hardships. Facing them one moment at a time and looking within, regardless of how you feel, and find the root to your hurting.


Common Example

Imagine you are at work, ugh work I know but just hang in there with me for a second. Imagine that your boss is very reliant on you because they know you will get everything done on time. Your boss trusts you and you feel important and proud she depends on you to get things done. However, it is starting to become more frequent and you begin to become overloaded. What do you do?

  • Keep quiet and suffer through, hoping your boss will let up soon?
  • Complain to your coworkers, family, and friends?
  • Let your boss know she is overloading you and ask if there is any way you two can come to a compromise?
  • Get so fed up you quit?

Of course, the sensible choice would be to let your boss know how you feel. However, many of us would rather do one of the other three options because letting someone in a higher position than you can feel uncomfortable, so it becomes suppressed.

If you do not let others know how something is affecting, you then you cannot expect them to magically know. Yes, it is uncomfortable and nerve-wracking to open up and let others know how you feel, but if you don’t then you are going to continue to feel like you are.

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Another Example

Here is another example. Imagine you and your best friend are spending time together and they say something that honestly bothers you. Something that goes against your personal values, and makes you question them as a person. You know bringing up how you feel is going to possibly cause them to become defensive. What do you do?

  • Ignore your own feelings and try to forget what they said?
  • Change the subject?
  • Calmly express your concerns to your friend and be prepared to walk away if they get too defensive and talk about it when they calm down?
  • Stop hanging out with them altogether?

Again, the third option would be the most sensible, however, a lot of people would rather do one of the other three options out of fear of possibly losing a friend.

Yes, there is a possibility of losing a friend and yes that would hurt. However, if you do not talk to your friend and express how you feel then you could end up losing them in the long run, especially if you are now questioning them as a person.

Honestly, when scenarios like this occur there is miscommunication somewhere along the lines. Maybe your friend worded themselves wrong and you started making assumptions. This happens often, heck I just went through miscommunication with a very close friend. Luckily, we talked through it, sat through the awkward conversation, and came out on top. Granted all outcomes are not like that.

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Ways to Get the Pint Up Emotions Out

Personally, I believe we should learn how to let disliked emotions flow through us. If you are sad then be sad, if you are angry, be angry, if you are jealous be jealous. However, I will say do not let these emotions take over and control you. Emotions are a part of us; however, they are not us as a whole. It is easy to fall into the trap of letting emotions take complete control. Learn how to identify the emotions you are feeling and remind yourself this feeling, whatever it may be, is temporary. That you are the one in control.

I understand many people have a hard time controlling emotions and it can feel like a losing battle. However, I am here to say it is doable. Here are a few ways I use to help me. Again, these are ways that have helped me and may or may not help you.

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  • Talking it out
  • Journaling
  • Talking to a professional
  • Drawing, writing, anything creative
  • Reading self-help books.
  • Cry
  • Scream into a pillow
  • Write a letter to who or what made you upset and rip it up as a symbol of letting go
  • Be upfront with yourself and others about how you are feeling



Suppressing how you feel can cause complicated feelings in the long run, like getting angry at something very small because you already have a lot of emotions stuffed down. We are not meant to continuously disregard our feelings, even if they are uncomfortable.  There are ways to help overcome suppressing feelings like journaling, crying it out, screaming into a pillow, and more. Having a creative outlet is also another very powerful way to help get pint up emotions out of the mind and into something more productive.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post, you guys are awesome. Also, thank you to everyone who likes, comments, and supports Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to spread light, love, and reassurance on the subject of mental health.


I have some very exciting news, next month the first video for Maybe Crazy Help’s YouTube channel will be up!! There was supposed to be a video up already, however, I ran into a few technical difficulties with the website and everything became postponed.

Now that the website is fixed I am able to put the time I used in fixing the website into videos for those who prefer video over reading. There will be a post with the channel link here soon, as you cannot find the channel as of now. ( I believe I have to have at least 1-3 videos up to appear in the searches).

Also, a friendly reminder, we are still collecting letters and cards to be delivered to shelters for Christmas. We have collected 447 cards so far! Additionally, there will be a card and letter count video every 3 months on the YouTube Channel so you guys can see I am doing as I promise. Too many people are out here taking advantage of others and I want to reassure those who have bought a card or sent a letter know I am being true to my word.

If you are interested in sending a letter or card of hope to someone, you can find all the information on the post What Can a Letter Do?

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“Together we will make a difference. We just have to find our voices and let them be heard from the highest mountain top to the lowest valley.” -Crystal Grasso (Ward)







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Facebook Sharing Option and Like Button Fixed

Hey guys! I wanted to let those who read and follow Maybe Crazy Help, know the Facebook sharing issue has been resolved.  Also, the like button would not show up, so I downloaded a plugin for those that were wanting to like the posts.

If you are a blogger or website owner having trouble sharing blog posts to Facebook and are using Cloudflare; pause Cloudflare, copy the link to the post you want to share to your clipboard, use the Facebook debugger tool, paste the link in the box, scrape the link, refresh the post, and check to see if that helped with sharing your posts to Facebook. After you debug the link you can unpause Cloudflare. Though you might have to run your links through the debugger each time you post unless you want to get rid of Cloudflare.

Hopefully, this will help someone out who needs it. I spent 2 weeks trying to figure out what was wrong and did not want to pay an arm and a leg to get my website fixed or looked at. Luckily, I found and fixed the problem. It was getting frustrating there for a second.

The jetpack like button refuses to load on my website, through research I found that a lot of people have trouble with the like button on jetpack so I just downloaded the plugin WP share & like button.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and helpful. Being new to blogging is definitely a learning process. Any tips, tricks, and advice are always more than welcome. As well as constructive criticism.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post, you guys are awesome.

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A Letter to Those Who Self-Harm


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Hey, you. Yes, you with the cloudy mind and painful memories. Put down the blade. Put down the lighter. Put down the thing you are about to harm yourself with. Let’s open up and talk just for a moment, I promise it won’t be long. From someone who has been there; you are more than this feeling of despair.

I know you may believe the pain on the inside will be reduced if you inflict pain on the outside. The temptation of hurting yourself is overwhelming and sounds welcoming. However, let me ask you something. How does it make you feel after everything is said and done? Did it help you in any way or was it just temporary relief? More than likely it just added to the mixed emotions you already had and did not help in any way.

Personally speaking, every time I would cut my wrists and then calm down, I instantly regretted the hasty decision. I would become more depressed than I already was, and then I would become very angry with myself, wondering why I stooped down so low to hurt myself. I was not happier, I was still hurting on the inside, and on top of it all I was now hurting on the outside too. Stuck in a cycle of self-harm, depression, and anger. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, please keep reading.

This world already has so much pain and heartache. Hun, you do not deserve the additional pain you are inflicting upon yourself. I know things can seem so big and overwhelming throughout life. Hardships seem like a never-ending cycle. However, love, you have the power to conquer and overcome anything life throws at you.

So, get your bat ready and aim for that home-run of happiness and keep batting until you hit it. You might not hit every ball as a home-run, just like every day will not be full of happiness. Keep aiming for happiness and you will start seeing more and more happy things. Just like when you keep practicing a sport, you become better and better. You can think of home-runs as times when you have a difficult day and you get through them without self-harming.

Also, please do not look at the days where you slipped up make you feel as if you have not made any progress. A slip up does not undo all the good days, just like a strike does not lose any points in a baseball game. Making a change takes time, patience, and effort. Very few people make a huge change without slipping up here and there. The most importing thing when slipping up, is to continue to go forward anyways. Strive to become better, even on the gloomy days. Keep at it and the urges will start to become less and less.

I am not going to sit here and lie; the thoughts of self-harm will be in the back of your mind from time to time. However, you will start noticing them and ignoring them, telling yourself that is not what you want to do. It gets easier with time. You have the power to overcome your dark thoughts, you have the power to change your thinking habits, you have control over how you react. It takes time and practice, but it is very doable.

You are so much more than a cutter, a self-harmer, troubled soul, etc. These are only labels with a heavy weight attached to them dragging you down; these words are not you. You are a child, a parent, a brother, a sister, a writer, a reader, a musician, a teacher, a future guide. You are light, love, and a beautiful soul. You are whoever you choose to be.

You are not an attention seeker, and even if you are there is a probably a deep embedded reason behind it. Maybe you did not get positive attention when you were younger and was only noticed when you did something wrong. It could have started out as a way to gain attention but quickly escalated into something you started doing all the time as a way to release the pain on the inside. Maybe you feel this is the only way to nullify the pain on the inside, or maybe you feel numb and you want to feel something, anything other than the dull sensation you feel. There are countless reasons to the reasoning behind self-harming. Only you know why you turn to harming yourself.

I guess what I am trying to say by mentioning the reasoning, is no matter the reasoning behind it you should never be belittled for self-harm, especially when you start looking for help. I know and understand all too well about the rejection and hateful looks when finally opening up and mentioning self-harm. The judging eyes, the pity stare, and the rude comments. These make it hard to want to seek help or reach out.

Please do not let others intimidate you into not wanting to seek help. This is your life, you have to speak up and put your foot down, if you truly want to get better. Only you have the power to change things around. I promise, you are so much more than what you see yourself as.

Each time you want to grab something to self-harm with, please grab and read this letter instead. One day you will realize you are so much more than you perceive yourself to be. I wish you well on your journey to self-healing, self-love, and mental wellness.

With much love,
Crystal Grasso (Ward)

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Recommendation for Space Saving: Your Mental Health Will Thank You

Hey there! This recommendation post will be a little unusual for Maybe Crazy Help, as I am recommending a bed. Yes, a bed. The reason I am recommending this bed is that it helps so much with organization, can be used in small spaces, and is extremely sturdy.

I have OCD. Things have to be a certain way and if I feel cramped it can easily trigger a panic attack. This bed gives me space and room I need to get my work done and feel at ease. I began thinking about others and thought if they were looking for a reliable bed for themselves or their kids, this would be perfect for them. So, here I am recommending this amazing bed to you guys.

Furthermore, Amazon is letting me do 5 payments of $61/month, though the first payment is around $80 due to taxes. How awesome is that?! The bed is only a little over $300, but being able to pay monthly helps so much, especially when you are a parent with an ever-growing child. Seriously, I just bought shoes for my little one and he outgrew them in 2 weeks!! Though that is completely off topic, ha-ha.

I am a prime member, so I am unsure if that has anything to do with being able to have monthly payments or not. I do know I was only able to do monthly payments for just one item, so I choose to do monthly payments with the bed and pay the $150 for the twin mattress.

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Additionally, I will be posting a video of the room before and after. You will be able to see firsthand how much room I was able to save! The first video is before I bought the baby gate when we first moved into our house. I did not get a video of the old bed and baby gate. Though I do have pictures. Our house was built in the 1600s. So keep in mind there is only one outlet in the room, which is why the room is set up the way it is.

Honestly, I have never needed much space; however, I hate feeling cramped. Once I bought the baby gate to keep my little one out of everything that could hurt him, I barely had room to stand. I began to get panicky and knew I had to look for something that would be beneficial for space and mental clarity.

This bed was like a breath of fresh air for my mental. I am a stay home mom and so naturally I converted my room into a play/workroom so I can watch my little one while I work. The white door in the second video is the laundry room, so my room triples as a playroom, laundry room, and my work/sleep space.

So, what’s the name of this awesome bed I am recommending? It is called the

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame, Gray, Twin

This bed has shelves, a desk, and can hold up to 600 pounds! Sturdy and spacious.

This could be very useful for those who have kids, especially if two or more share a room. Each would have their own space to sleep and do homework, draw, write, do crafts, etc. Furthermore, it would be excellent in a studio apartment where space is limited. Guy’s, this bed is amazing. The highlighted words above should redirect you to the bed on Amazon. Definitely check it out if you have been looking into space saving.

Videos and Photos

Here are the videos and pictures I mentioned earlier. You can see how much space was saved. Now my son can play while I work. Without having to cover my entire bed with paperwork or worry about my little one getting into something dangerous.


Before bed
After installing the baby gate



As you can tell in the photo, I did not have much space to work or move around. As a writer and a mother, I needed an area where I could do my work and have a place for my son to play. This bunk bed was perfect. When you have very little space, you have to find ways to make things work. This bed is amazing and 100% worth every penny.

They recommend a 6-inch mattress, however, I bought a 10-inch memory foam mattress and it fits perfectly.


Thank you for reading this recommendation post. I hope someone is able to benefit from this recommendation and save a little space. The only thing that I do not like about the bed is it hurts the bottom of your feet when climbing the ladder. However, a simple pool noodle cut into 5 pieces to place on the ladder steps can fix that easily. Everything else is great and took me and a friend about 4-5 hours to completely put everything together.

Furthermore, I’m excited to share with you, here within the next couple of weeks, I will be adding a quiz section where people can learn about mental health and test their mental health knowledge. I am hoping this will also spread more awareness and understanding regarding mental health.

Additionally, there will be a trivia section for people to relax their minds, learn something interesting, and have fun while doing so. The trivia section will have things like Disney trivia, yearly trivia, movie trivia, and more. Sometimes a fun quiz can help ease the mind and help you focus on something positive. Especially if you are going through something rough.

Thank you, everyone, who supports Maybe Crazy Help’s mission to spread light, love, and reassurance. You guys are awesome.

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