Hello, and welcome to Maybe Crazy Help, a website created with you in mind. Here you will find articles and blog posts about mental health, how to overcome personal struggles, and how to help others with mental illnesses. You may be sitting there thinking, “How is another article or post about mental illnesses going to be any different from the rest?” I’ll be honest, it may not be, it might look like the same words written over and over again to you, it might have a different or unique outlook to others, it might make some come to a realization, and cause others to roll their eyes. However, I am offering real, blunt, non-sugarcoated advice, tips, and help, to those who are seeking it.

Personally, I have struggled with mental health from the age of 6, due to past traumas. I have real experience on how to overcome depression, anxiety, impulse control, anger, and more. I’m coming to you with not only textbook knowledge, but real-world experience. This statement is not to discredit people who have taken the time to go to school to get a degree. Those who set themselves aside in order to help others overcome the darkness within their minds are truly inspiring.

My name is Crystal Ward, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. Overall, I am a 51596748_2001460906824495_593302397107830784_nwoman chasing her dreams of helping the world overcome darkness. Additionally, I am a student majoring in Computer Science and Graphic Design. I have always loved technology, and how it has impacted the world around us. Most importantly, I am a writer with a dream to inspire the world.

My goal is to have a blog post at least once every two weeks, however, we are all human, and I may miss a week or two here and there. If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to cover, comment on one of the published blogs and your suggestion will be considered. Thank you for your time, I hope you subscribe to my blog and gain something positive from this site.