A Hellish Past Can Still Have a Heavenly Future: My Personal Journey in Life

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Trigger Warning!!!!!!!! This blog post was very difficult to write and will be very difficult to read. I have debated on writing this post for a few weeks and I decided it was time to share the shortened version of my journey through life, so the people who read my blog posts have a better understanding to who I am and why I think the way I do. If you can not handle things that deal with molestation, rape, self-harm, physical abuse, etc. I would stop reading this post right now. I will not hold anything back with this post and it is going to be descriptive and blunt.

I Thought it was Normal

I remember it clear as yesterday; my mom was taking me to a birthday party when she asked a question I did not understand at that time. “Has Sam touched you on your panties?”, she asked with a shaky voice. I remember being confused as I nodded my head yes, even more so when she slammed on the breaks, turned the car around, and flew to the nearest hospital. I remember her calling several people, crying, uncertain on what to do with the answer I had given her. The doctors at the hospital checked to see if Sam had inserted anything inside me. That was the day everything changed.

Sam was my mom’s boyfriend she met through one of her friends. Someone I call Uncle Johnny. Sam is also the father of my youngest brother on my mothers’ side. He was only a year old when all this took place. The court sent Sam to jail on two counts of child molestation instead of three, due to my youngest brother being a baby and not being able to testify. Messed up, I know.

The next few months were filled with court dates, therapy groups, and a lot of questioning for me and my other brother, who was around 4 years old. Honestly, at that point, the court dates and therapy are what scared me the most. If you have ever seen a movie where they make children point to parts of a doll where they were touched, then you know what we went through in therapy. It is not just a scene in a movie, they do that in real life. I remember hating it. I remember wishing I kept my mouth shut, I could not stand seeing my mom cry, nor could I stand going to all the different places that made me explain over and over what happened. It is an experience no child should ever have to go through. I was around 6 or 7 when everything started, I had just turned 8 when my mom found out.

The most unsettling part of all this is the fact that I thought it was normal for grown men to do that. I thought it was how dads showed love. Sickening. It scares me to think about all the children who have their innocence stripped away from them and how can they think it is a part of life, not telling anyone because they do not understand that it is wrong.

To make matters worse, me and my other brother were separated. His biological father received custody of him after everything that had happened.


My brother around the age of 2 & Me around the age of 4

We Moved into a Worse Situation

Shortly after Sam was sent to jail, my mom packed up a few bags, left the trailer and everything we owned, to move to Mobile, Alabama. Her and a guy named David had been talking on the internet, and he decided to move us in with him and his children. David had four boys and two girls. The boys were 18, 16, 15, and 8. The girls were 5 and 10. I was 8 around this time. Unfortunately, this family had a similar secret to Sam’s. At night the boys would sneak in the girl’s room and hold us down while inserting different objects inside us. They would hold our noses to make us open our mouths and threaten us with knives to stay quiet.

This happened every night for 2 months until my mom and David broke up. I kept everything to myself until later on in life. I had just got out of court and therapy. I was frightened to go back and repeat the entire process.

Another Abusive Relationship

After my mother and David broke up, we moved to Tarrant, Alabama for a very short period of time. This is around the time I met an elderly man who used to take all the neighborhood kids out to eat every Thursday. I believe he was the first man I ever trusted. Sadly, mom found another internet guy and we moved again. I had to leave my new friends and the sweet old man behind. Terrell was the name of the new boyfriend. He was manipulative, physically abusive, and controlling.

The worst incident is when I came home from school and he had been drinking. I sat on the porch petting my dog Taz, a pure black chow mix and my only friend; due to being miles away from other houses and moving around so much. Terrell came out of the house and knocked the trash can down, spilling trash and diapers everywhere. He told me to pick it up.  Annoyed I asked, “why do I have to pick it up when you knocked it down?” Terrell went inside and grabbed his gun and threatened to shoot Taz if I did not do as I was told. Panicking I started running down the road, which was a steep hill. I kept screaming for Taz to follow me, but he didn’t. Gunshots were fired, and I just dropped to my knees screaming, hoping it was a bluff. It wasn’t. Terrell ran down the road after me, yanking me up by my hair and dragging me up the hill, and into the house. He twined 3 switches together and beat me with them until I had blood running down my legs. Yelling at me in between hits, telling me it was my fault because I didn’t listen to him.

The next day in school my teachers noticed my legs and DHR got involved. My mom finally left Terrell after he put a gun to his head during an argument between him and her about the incident. I remember sitting on the top bunk with my brother, who was visiting for the summer. We were both crying and panicking, hoping he didn’t shoot himself or our mom.


Me Age 5

Life Started to Look Up… For a Little While

After mom left Terrell, she met a guy named Scott. Scott was the best man my mother had been with. He was kind, loving, patient, and most of all he treated us like we were his own. We lived in a small apartment in Fultondale, Al until him and my mom found a beautiful home out in Harpersville, Al. For the first time in a long time, we were stable. My brothers and I had a huge back yard to run and play in and our own rooms. We were finally happy and safe.

Unfortunately, that happiness was short-lived. One day after school, I was asked by my mom’s friend Lisa, to have a seat; that something terrible had happened. I remember becoming very panicky and afraid. After I sat down, I was told our house had burned down and there was nothing saveable from the fire. Furthermore, I was told our macaw, Cosmo, died in the fire. She refused to leave her cage even though Scott left it open for her. Heartbroken I cried for hours. I had lost everything again.

Lisa let me live with her while my mom, Scott, and youngest brother went to stay in a hotel until they found a new home. The good news was my youngest brother made it out of the house alive. Scott could not find him when the house was on fire, my brother had hidden inside the kitchen cabinets; afraid of getting into trouble. However, he ran outside and luckily, Scott saw him dart to the door. Losing everything is hard but losing a loved one would have devastating.

It took several months, but Scott and my mom were able to save enough money to move into another house; unfortunately, it was located in Pinson, Al around the area where the first molestation happened. I know the area did not bother me, but it did my mom. She admitted a few years ago she tries to stay away from Pinson, Al due to all the unwelcome memories it has.

A few months had passed by and one night while we were eating dinner, my mom told me she had some good and bad news to tell me. She told me we were getting custody of my brother. I was so overjoyed… at first. The bad news was the reasoning behind my mom regaining custody. My brother was being physically abused. I will not go into detail due to it is not my place to tell his life story.

After my brother came to live with us things were great for about two years. Then everything came crashing down around us. My mother moved Johnny into our home, the guy I call my uncle. They began doing drugs together. They would do weird things like watch the ceiling fan, swearing it was a game. Mom would stay in the bathroom for hours at a time. Once, she left me at my boyfriend’s house for over a week. At the time I thought I was lucky to be able to spend the night at my boyfriend’s house, looking back it saddens me.

Furthermore, the house became a horror show. You couldn’t walk in the kitchen without a thousand fruit flies flying at your face, the sink was full of broken moldy dishes, the bathroom toilet was backed up so it smelled horrible in the house, there was trash and dirty clothes everywhere. Additionally, We also had 2 cats 7 kittens 3 dogs, many fish, and finches. It was like a mini chaotic zoo. You can imagine the mess they all made every day. I tried my best to keep up with everything but only being 13 years old, it became too much to handle.

One day, my grandmother randomly visited the house. I was supposed to be in school, but I had missed the bus trying to get my two brothers up and ready, so they didn’t miss their bus. Unfortunately, my bus usually came before theirs, often resulting in me missing my bus. When my grandmother came into the house and reached the room I was in, she immediately called child protective services (DHR). My mother was given a month to get herself clean. However, she did not.

I remember getting called to the principal’s office a few weeks after the incident with my grandmother. There were two people sitting at a circular table with two happy meals, my brother was also at the table. Happy Meals. Like that was going to make the situation better. Though, I understand they were only trying to soften the harsh news we were about to receive. We were told we were not going home, that we were being split up and sent to different foster homes. Our youngest brother was able to go with our stepdad Scott, but we couldn’t go. Luckily, we were only separated for about a week until our grandmother was able to get custody of us. I will admit, the foster families were full of compassion and caring people. One of my favorite memories was being nicknamed Crystalrella by the husband of the foster mom. He found out I loved Disney and came up with it to cheer me up, it was a sweet gesture during a hard time.

If you have read my other blog posts then you know it was around this time when I started cutting my writs more and more. I kept trying to find a release from all the mental torment I was going through. I was withdrawn, depressed, scared. This is also around the time my brother was sent back to his father, which caused me to spiral into a deeper depression. My self-harm habit got out of hand and I was sent to live in facilities for 5 years.


Age 14 During My First Home Pass

Facility Life

I spent the ages 14-19 living in two facilities and a group home. The group home was up the hill from one of the facilities, so I usually count that in with the facilities. I went through years of therapy, waking up at 5 am for vital signs, sharing a room with many different people, and being heavily medicated. There was a point in time where I was taking about 12 pills a day. I was zombified and absent-minded. I went into the facilities weighing 116 pounds and left weighing over 260 pounds due to all the medications.

I will admit that it was my fault I stayed in the facilities for so long. I was originally supposed to stay for 3 months, to help me overcome self-harm. However, I kept acting out, prolonging my stay. It was a rough experience, but I was able to get through it.

My Own Relationship Mistakes

After I got out of the facilities I became a magnet for failed relationships. I was physically and mentally abused in several relationships. One guy ended up stabbing me in the face with scissors and another used beer as an excuse for sexually assaulting me. Sadly, I stayed in these relationships for too long thinking it would get better.  I found out I was afraid to be alone and I would settle for the abuse rather than be alone.

Additionally, one guy cheated on me and I let him continue to live in my house while listening to him talk to the girl he cheated on me with. Telling her how perfect she was and how his last relationship was crap. It hurt, but I did not want to be alone. Pitiful I know.

Eventually, I became the one who became physically violent and mentally abusive. I became what I hated because I was afraid. I would lash out and become defensive. I became paranoid, overly jealous, and withdrawn. I would sit alone for hours listening to music and distant myself from everyone. I was tired of being hurt.

However, I found someone I fell deeply in love with. I became more of myself around him. I changed my ways and tried to be the best person I could be. I was happy for the first time in a long time. Though I don’t think my brain processed being happy as a good thing. I became overly stressed and mentally snapped, ending back up in one of the facilities I spent my teenage years in. Losing the guy I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with and my mind.


The Next Day After Being Stabbed in the Face With Scissors

Diagnosed With an Unsound Mind

When I mentally snapped I lost the majority of my memories for about 6 months. I did not recognize my family, I kept asking my mom if she was a foster mom. I did not know who my roommates were, even though I just spent 5-6 months living with them. My brain kept trying to merge the past and present. I also kept having flashbacks of the past and it caused me to become very confused. My boyfriend at the time did not know what to do, so he called 911 and my mom one night when I was acting crazy.

I remember an ambulance showing up and many EMT’S surrounding me trying to figure out what was wrong. My mom said I kept saying I did not trust anyone who did not have brown eyes, which were the color of my boyfriend’s eyes at the time. People had to con me into the car and when I got to the hospital I refused to get out. Eventually, they gave up trying to get me into the hospital and drove me back to my roommate’s house.

Desperate, my mom filed a petition to get me into a hospital to get the help I needed. I was not in control of my thoughts or actions. I did not understand why I needed help. The night before I went back to the hospital, my mother came and picked me up from my roommate’s house. However, I refused to leave her truck when we got to the half-way house she was living in. My mom and some of the girls living at the half-way home tried for hours to convince me to go into the house, but I refused and started panicking. So my mom brought a blanket out for me to wrap up in since it was the middle of October and told me if I needed in to knock on the door.

However, I ended up wandering around the streets of Bessemer, Al all night.  For some reason, I kept hearing a tapping noise. I thought someone was playing a Halloween trick on me by tapping on things. I followed the tapping noise for hours, luckily I was lead back to the half-way home. Somehow, I managed to make a neighborhood watch alarm go off. (More things happened, but I do not want to go into detail.) After I got back to the half-way home, I got back into my mom’s car and fell asleep. I woke up to my mom tapping on the truck window, checking on me. I went inside and took a shower. I was still under psychosis and I tried rearranging all the soap bottles, thinking I had to have them in a certain order and color. It was absurd. After my 2 hour shower, my mom gave me some clothes, but they were too big for me. About an hour went by and the police showed up at the half-way house to pick me up and take me to the facility to get help. They forced me into the police car, I never resisted, my pants kept falling and I kept trying to pull them up. The police took it the wrong way and kept jerking me to the car. It was horrible. I did not understand what was going on or why any of this was happening.

At first, the doctors nor the therapist could understand why I was acting so crazy. My doctor was the doctor who treated me as a teen, he was baffled by my strange behavior. He came to the conclusion I had become overly stressed and my mind simply snapped from all the pressure, causing me to go into psychosis. I stayed at the hospital for 3 months before being released. It was one of the worst experiences in my life. I could not recognize people I knew for years, I was paranoid, and I was completely out of my mind.

It was like the rational part of me was sitting in the back of my mind screaming at me that this was not right, that I needed to wake up. I was in a daze and not in control. It was the scariest thing I had been through. There is a lot more to this, however, it’s hard to write about.


You Should Know

These events are what happened from the age of 6-22. I am 27 now and have reclaimed my sanity. I enrolled in college in 2016 and took psychology and sociology as electives. Computer Science and Graphic Design are my majors, however, I decided to take electives that could help me understand the human brain. I have recovered most of my memory, though, I have trouble with short-term memory.

Yes, I have been through some really rough times, though I know many people have had it a lot harder. I am not ashamed of my past, I know I am in control of my future. I use the present to help others who have been in similar situations.

This world can be cruel, unfair, and dark. However, it can also be beautiful, loving, and full of light. I chose to rise above the hurt and not let it control me. You can rise above the pain too. It is hard and it hurts emotionally, but it is worth it in the end. Don’t let your past make you bitter, angry, or revengeful. Use it to make your future shine bright.

There is a lot more to everything, I might write a book about my experiences in the near future. This was not an easy post to write, but the need to help others realize they are the ones with the power to change their future, no matter what hand life dealt them, is stronger than me sitting back on the sidelines keeping quiet. I truly want to help those who feel as if there is no hope, I promise there is, you just have to be willing to seek it. 

There is no need to feel sorry for me or become upset with some of the things you read about in this post. This post is not for attention or pity. This post is to help others realize that good can come out of bad situations. My whole life has not been doom and gloom, this post focuses on the darker aspects of my life to let others know everything happens for a reason. I believe the reason why I went through the things I did was to help guide others through similar situations and to be a light through darker times.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It was very difficult to write. I apologize if some of it sounds choppy, memories I am trying to heal from kept popping up.


Together We Will Make A Difference and Overcome the Impossible

43 Comments on “A Hellish Past Can Still Have a Heavenly Future: My Personal Journey in Life

  1. Your experiences are deserving of being told and retold, and can serve as a wakeup call to parents. Children must be protected from the evil in our society. Your mother failed you and the system failed you, yet you found the courage to move on with your life. All the best to you, Crystal.

  2. This must have been a very difficult post to write. Thank you for sharing your story.

    You have been through a lot, and I’m so sorry you had to go through it. I know that by sharing your story, how you have been able to overcome it, and how you are able to see beyond the past to the bright future in front of you will certainly provide hope for others.

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, being open about what I’ve been through in life has caused a little bit of backlash and even a negative article was written. about me, but comments like this help with days I feel like throwing my hands up when I lose my focus and reason I’m doing all this. I’ve known quite a few people who have been through hell in life and I just want others to know they don’t have to be stuck in a bad situation. Giving hope when there is none can help someone in so many ways. Thank you once more, you helped me recollect my thoughts and motivation.

  3. You are AMAZING! Taking back your life is difficult in any situation and your are so so brave for going through all that you did. Keep your head up your doing great. <3

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, we all have things in our lives we like to keep under wraps but with the strength of God and his promises, We Will Overcome! Beauty will rise from the ashes! Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story.

  5. That was one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever read. I admire your courage and strength, and your honesty is incredible. I look forward to your future posts. Stay strong, and know that your life’s journey is an inspiration to those who are trying to overcome their past as well, myself included.

  6. you are very brave sharing that. Thank you for being so open and honest. I can imagine how difficult it must have been.

  7. I admire your courage to talk about things that happened in the past and how it affects you in the present. I was molested at age 12 and it caused a lot of turmoil in my life. I spent an inordinate time with hospitals and psychiatrist till I realized one day they had no idea what was going on inside of me. I walked away and never looked back. One thing that help me was to talk about the things that happen the more I talked whether anyone listened or not became irrelevant. I spent my time pursuing knowledge became disciplined in multiple areas. I walked away from tv or movies that showed woman getting raped or beat up or the usual garbage that you see around you. We are reinforced by images around us that point to our past. We learn from the past but we do not live in the past. If you live in the past the images will never disappear in your mind and will cripple you for a lifetime. Life is always in motion and if we do not gain knowledge then for all intents an purpose we cripple ourselves and others around us. Food for thought from an old man whose been there and came out a better man because I refused to die inside one day.

  8. I admiring your strength. I won’t make a like for this post because there is nothing likeable in this story. But I support your courage with all my heart. 💖 People who doing some kind of things to another will get what they deserve without exceptions.

  9. Crystal, you have a powerful and inspiring story… I am proud of you for being vulnerable for I know your heart of hearts is to help care about others and be there for those struggling to leave the darkness into the light… Yes, this was difficult for you… I know… It is not easy to share… This is a breakthrough for you in your journey… It may not feel like it, but it is… Just so you know, I am here for you in support and encouragement with mercy and compassion… You’re someone I would fight for to experience more of GOD’s Light in their life… Write me anytime you need/want: [email protected]

  10. What an inspiration you are! Using the rough things you’ve been through to help others! God bless you!

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    • Your opinion is of its own. This world can be a dark place, my blog and website is a light to those who have been through hell. I write from past experiences to help those understand that even if they went through bad things in life good things can come out of it. Have you read any of my other blog posts? I do not justify becoming someone who hurt others, its a part of me I hate. I am working on becoming a better person and helping others see that they don’t have to be stuck in their negative ways. Your review would have crushed someone else, however, it just makes me wonder why would you pick a part my post and write a rude post when I’m only trying to give people hope. Yes there are more things that are a cause for more awareness, but a lot of mass shootings (using your example) come from people who have been through hell in life. Who have been bullied, belittled, treated horribly. Causing them to snap and go on a killing spree. This world can be dark. I apologize if you felt like you wasted your time. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, even though it was not encouraging, you still took some of your free time to write a review. I understand by me opening up and telling my life story there will be people who will try to bring me down, but I won’t let that happen. This post was to let the readers who follow me understand who I am and why I am trying to help people out of the dark. Maybe if I would have written some of my achievements since then. Like writing a children’s book on handling emotions, a self-reflection prompt journal for others to help find mindfulness, and actually putting time and effort into a blog to create posts to help people, you wouldn’t have been so quick to be so negative. My other posts are on how to deal with anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, and more. This particular post you wrote about was not aiming to do anything but introduce my story in life. To let others know if they have had a hard time through life, they can overcome it.

    • Only those who have gone through certain things in life can really identify with Crystal. Some of us experienced things in our early lives that we live with daily. Those who don’t experience these things cannot really identify. Sympathy and empathy. I think she did a great job. It takes courage and conviction to share with others. Those things were given to her by God. I believe we are born with talents and given more as we experience life. Awareness of our talents and balancing them with our lives.

  12. Moving and well-written. So happy you’ve made good choices now and are seeig the positive side of things. You’re a fighter; the struggle is real.

  13. All power to you girlfriend!! Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. Big hugs to you xoxo

  14. Blessing my sister. So glad you have found yourself and you are in a good path now. I have seen you have started following my site. http://www.afreegift.us. I did not tell of my childhood, but a short of it, my mother was very loving and caring. When I was five my mother and father split up. My father took me and my older sister and my younger sister went with my mother. The woman my father married next had no idea how to care for children. She never hugged and always demanded that we take care of the house cleaning etc. I rebelled as I wanted my mother back. over the next 12 years, I calculated that I was sent to be in my room around three and a half years. The number of belt spanking are un-numberable. I join the Navy at 17, did three tours in Vietnam. After getting out I came to know that I could actually have a relationship with God through Jesus. Jesus taught that He created the world and in His perfect timing came to live a perfect life of love showing us what we as humans should be doing. Then He fulfilled hundreds of prophecies by taking the sins of the world on Himself making a way for us to 1. be born spiritually and 2. Give us His Holy Spirit to lead us in our daily lives. I can’t tell you I am perfect but I can tell you the love of Jesus has changed my life. I found walking this life with others who have the vision to live for Jesus has given me joy.

  15. The darker the shadow the brighter the light (that casts the shadow). As hard as this must have been to write it helps people deal with some really twisted aspects of life. I feel that what ails us the most can be our strongest suit, once it is faced with an open vulnerability.
    Thank you for being radically honest in sharing your story. Peace and light!

  16. Hi Crystal,

    The Lord has protected you through these things so you can help others.



    On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 8:50 AM Maybe Crazy Help wrote:

    > Crystal Grasso (Ward) posted: ” Trigger Warning!!!!!!!! This blog post was > very difficult to write and will more difficult to read. I have debated on > writing this post for a few weeks and I decided it was time to share the > shortened version of my journey through life, so the people wh” >

  17. Thank you for sharing. My life was pretty confusing while I was growing up. All the trauma though, in the end, has made me so much stronger. So happy that you are on the healing side of your “Hellish Past”. Here’s to a better future!

  18. All I can say after reading your blog is “WOW!” you have what is really needed in the field of helping others- I believe the experiences we have early in our lives happen for a reason. The bad, good, and the ugly. I started drinking alcohol, according to my dad, at age 2. I don’t really remember anything before the age of 6. They would have picnics with their friends and they didn’t pay attention to the kids. I would go around and drink beer from bottles. I swallowed probably a cigarette and only when I puked did they realize what had happened. At age 4, I could out cuss a mechanic and sailor. At age 6, my dad thought I would grow up to be a lawyer (whatever that meant). I became a thief at age 8. (Life savors candy) and into my teenage years (various other items). My family between the ages of 6-10 were the neighborhood kids. Dad worked from 5am-9pm (full time student and worked construction), mom worked retail for different places. No adult supervision. We moved away because my dad got a better job offer, so leaving my friends was like leaving family. I started to be depressed around that time. I didn’t feel like I belonged-in my own family, so I did pretty much whatever people around me did. I hung out with teenagers that drank and smoked, etc. I attended some higher education (Job Corp Center)- Community College. I have worked for over 30 employers since I was 18 (for various reasons). I am starting my own house cleaning business and relating to my clients on overall environments and lifestyles. I believe I am their to help them, and for them to help me-being useful to others is part of our social wellness. Just like an agency, business or company needs clients, people need people. As a single mother, I have 3 wonderful teenagers. It was while my children were young that I really started getting to know my inner being.

    • Thank you for sharing your story as well. I know it can be hard to share such personal events, but by sharing them you are providing a way to inspire those in similar situations. You have definitely had a rough life from a very young age, I’m so happy to hear that you are overcoming all the hardships and starting your own cleaning business. My mama started her own cleaning business after she got off drugs and have made amazing friends and people who are there to support her. To clean another’s home is a beautiful thing that most people do not realize. You are taking the time to make another person’s house clean, a house they are proud to come home to. I agree wholeheartedly that people need people. We are social beings by nature and need each other. Many people let negative experiences turn them bitter and away from society instead of learning from the negative experience and guiding others out of similar situations. We have the power to conquer, overcome, and guide others. It really is a beautiful thing. I love hearing about people turning their lives around when their children are young. Children do as they see, and as parents, it should be a goal to lead by example, so they become loving, helping, adults. My son is my inspiration to help others. I want him to know that he too can overcome anything life deals him. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story. You too are an inspiration and a light that helps others.

  19. I understood before posting my story that many people would either be doubtful or supportive. I think we attract people like that for the opportunity to help change their negative thinking. Honestly, after reading the review I cried for a little bit, let my anger pass, and tried to look at it from his perspective. I thought about how I used to scoff and roll my eyes at tv show and movies that displayed family lives, like the series Fuller House, at one point in my life. I did not believe so much love, happiness, and peace could be under one roof. When I had my son, I finally understood true love and happiness. I realized he could not understand my life story because he had not experienced a horrible life. How could he understand something he never experienced? I refuse to let negative articles bring me down for too long. Thank you so much for commenting and encouraging me to continue on. It definitely helps when negative articles are written about you. I believe we are here to be a light to those who experience dark times.I wrote a reply earlier, but it didn’t go through. Hopefully, this one does lol.

    • I went ahead and deleted your original comment, I apologize for all this. You were just sticking up for me, we are all just trying to make sense of life there’s honestly no need for hate or hurtful things from anyone. Let me know if I need to delete anything else *hugs* I’m going to read the article now, try to keep your head up and look at it in a positive way. By people writing an article and linking you to it, you get more backlinks and exposure, it helps with Google ranking and helps new readers find you. I really do enjoy having you both on here and commenting how you feel, though there shouldn’t be any hurtful words or actions to one another. I am really sorry about all this.

  20. Crystal I commend for your transparency in sharing your story, it takes a lot of courage. Writing is definitely wonderful therapy.
    Your words captured my heart. I am so very proud of you for sharing.
    Your title is perfect, it is so amazing how God can take the worst things, that happen in our lives.
    Take you through a healing process, a makeover, give you a new life.
    Then them as a testimony. We are still here.
    From one Survivor to another continue to be encouraged. It is a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for following. I am following back.
    InHisCare 🙏

  21. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you as a child going through all that trauma. No child should have to go through that. It’s wonderful how you are turning your life around and I wish you all the best for the future.

  22. I happy that your out come was a great come back because some people never make it back ya know! this may not mean much at all but I’m proud of you. stay strong!

  23. It takes a lot of courage to share the bad (personal) things that happen in your life, but like you said, God can use it for good to inspire others. He works all things together for good, even the bad things. When evil people or unbelievers attack you, it’s just a sign you’re doing what the Lord wants you to. Stay strong. God bless you Crystal.

  24. What a story. What a life. What a brave young woman you are. May your story and subsequent recovery be an inspiration to many. Yes, write your book. Trust God to help you make your mess your message. God bless.

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  26. God bless you and all you have been through. Thank you for following my blog and also having the courage to share your story of transforming darkness into light. Going through my own grief process tonight, your transformation is inspiring. Warm wishes on your continued journey of wellness…

    • Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging comment:) I just want others to know they are not alone and they too can turn a horrible past into something beautiful and bright. We don’t have much control over some of the things we go through in life, but we do have control over how we can conquer and overcome dark situations. It takes time and is a continuous process, the memories will be there but they become easier to push to the side and then conquer. Using personal experiences can help others through similar things in life. Unfortunately, abuse happens but coming together and pulling each other out of the emotional damage it can cause, we bring more compassion, understanding, and love for those who went through such a dark time. I wish you all the best in your journey as well, *hugs* you are a wonderful person, never forget that.

  27. What a BEAUTIFUL SOUL you are dear Crystal! and what a heart wrenching story!
    Keep going girl, let not the arrogance and ignorance of some deter you from perusing the road of hope

    Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel, and yes you can weave a wonderful bright future out of a dark painful past, if you view each horrible event as learning experience


    • I walked in your shoes a long time ago as a child. I know exactly what your going through and what you feel deep inside your heart. I dealt with issues like this as a Father with life experience perhaps I can help you. But I would like to talk to an older woman who I have walked with in the last 120 days she came from a past as brutal as yours. Her name is Sandra, https://intothelightadventures.com/. Just to validate who I am she can testify to my character. I am not a religion I do not belong to any of man’s religions. I do interpret the OT from the ancient semitic people of thousands of years only for those that are interested. Other then that I will help you get past things that come at you in the darkness of your heart.

    • You are so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words. Hardships can become a lesson and a way to help others through similar things. I honestly believe opening up and sharing hardships with ways on how to overcome them can help many people. The desire to keep reaching out and helping others is greater than me sitting back silently watching people hurt with nowhere to turn to. No matter the negative feedback, I will keep going forward. The way I see it is we all do share a common language; love and emotions.

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